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Baby Sister

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A very Happy Birthday from one of your greatest fans. I know that taking care of my Baby Sister is not an easy chore. I lived with her for 18 years only because I had to (ha, ha) you my friend have the choice and I believe you have made the right one. You are part of the family.

As for being part of the CREW, I am extremely excited that you have been recognized on the new CD/DVD as being part of the crew and your help is and has been fantastic throughout rehearsals, load-ins, load outs and everything in between. Helping this old man load in/out of the rehearsal hall has probably saved me from throwing out my back and having a second heart attack. So as I said before you are not only part of my family but part of the Raspberries family and everyone thinks the world of the work you have done and I hope we continue to do in the near future. And who knows maybe if we get the opportunity to go back out on the road you might even get paid.

Once again to my almost brother-in-law a very Happy Birthday and 50 is only a number and you will never catch me.


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You're a special guy indeed! Here's hoping your birthday was as fabulous as you'd hoped it would be and that you have a BERRY BERRY fantastic year to match, including lots of opportunities to "help out" on the GREAT upcoming Raspberries tour!!!

smile --Love, Darlene

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I just wanted to thank every one for the Happy Birthday wishes. The day came and went and I don't feel any different. Thank God!! Any way I did have a great weekend and day. Thanks to Adrienne. Thanks to all again. Kevin

Oh Ya I almost forgot thanks ernie for that Birth Day wish I did not know you could write like that!!

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