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Great Songwriters From the 1970's


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Another one I am really surprised that Marvin hasnt mentioned that you and I have so close to us is ....Robert Lamm and James Pankow..what an unbelievable couple of songwriters these two have been. Not so much together but they are in the same band. 120 million records sold and over 50 verifiable top 40 hits....over 38 years.

Wow...what more can I say.


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Right this moment on PBS is a reunion of EC and his bandmates after thirty some years....Wow...these guys can rock and I am talking about Cream. This PBS..this past week have broadcast some unbelievable film...Springsteen, Rick Nelson, Cream.

I have heard rumors that they will be the first to broadcast the compilation tape of the Berries reunion tour 05'! It doesnt get any better than this.


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Marv, The Addrisis wrote the song on the flip side of "Cherish" by The Association called "Don't Blame It On Me." They came from a family of trapeze artists (I didn't make this up) called "The Flying Addrisis." However, the brothers went into singing instead.

Their first hit, "Cherrystone" billboarded at #62.

They basically wanted to sing, but began writing songs. They wrote some for Carpenters (I Believe You) and other groups, but, surprisingly, not too many that charted. One was the flip side of "We've Got To Get It On Again," which was titled "You Can Count On Me," but deejays started playing the other side and "You Can Count..." never charted.

They were signed to Valiant records, and later to Columbia by none other than Clive Davis! He took them to Bell Records but let all the Bell artists/songwriters go when he founded Arista. Typical. I love the few songs they wrote that charted, though.

Don Addrisi passed away of cancer. Dick now acts as agent for young artists.

smile --Darlene

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In Holland, Albert Hammond is not a one hit wonder: Dutch Top 40 hits:

1972: It never rains in Southern California-pos. 26

1973: Free electric band-pos. 03

1973: Peacemaker-pos. 12

1974: I'm a train-pos. 06

1974: Air disaster-pos. 03!!!

1975: New York City here I come-pos. 13

1976: Down by the river-pos. 14

1986: Give a little love-pos. 06 (a duet with Dutch singer Albert West)

And not to forget: he wrote The air that I breathe, a number 2 hit in Holland by the Hollies and When I need you, a number three hit in Holland by Leo Sayer. And last but not least Albert Hammond Jr. is a member of the Strokes.

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Tom Waits

Randy Newman

Carole King

Joni Mitchell

Tom Rush

Tim Hardin

Fred Neil

Tim Buckley

Leonard Cohen

Lou Reed

Bryan Ferry

Difford & Tilbrook (Squeeze)

Joey Ramone & Dee Dee Ramone

Rick Neilson (Cheap Trick)

Marvin Gaye

Pete Ham (Badfinger)



Miles Gtoodwyn (April Wine)

Nick Drake

Emitt Rhodes

Ian Huner (Mott The Hoople)

David Johansen (New York Dolls)

Alex Chilton & Chris Bell (Big Star)

Nick Lowe

Dwight Twilley

Al Green

Roy Wood (Move/ Wizzard)

Marc Bolan (T. Rex)

Noddy Holder (Slade)

Joe Strummer & Mick Jones (The Clash)

Tom Verlain (Television)

Patti Smith

Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia (see: American Beauty)

Sly Stone

John Prine

Loudon Wainwright III

Bill Withers

Ronnie Laine (Faces)

Bob Marley

Gram Parsons

Graham Parker

Jonathan Richman (Modern Lovers)

Paul Weller (The Jam)

Dave Edmunds

Jeff & John Murphy (Shoes)

Al Stewart

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The Dictators Go Girl Crazy is definitely on my Desert Island Top 10 list of LPs....sadly, Adny (Andy), HDM & co. never really scaled such heights again.....although Bloodbrothers and the last studio one (DFFD) had their moments, as did the Manitoba's Wild Kingdom effort.

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Some of the songs are great ("Sleeping With The TV On", "Science Gone Too Far", "Young, Fast & Scientific", etc., although the latter two are the only ones that they ever play anymore), but the production is lousy....and they were just starting to transition over to Handsome Dick as primary lead singer. While I really like parts of it, it's probably their least effort (I won't use the term "worst" when it comes to the 'Tators)?

Have you heard Andy's side project Master Plan (with a couple of the Fleshtones) CD or Ross The Boss' side project the Spinatras CD? (I also have an advance copy of a Ross The Boss/T-Bolt Patterson instrumental CD that T-Bolt is shopping around....he refers to it as Ross The Boss' "Jeff Beck album")

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