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Why I don't like Lew Bundles?


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"Because he won’t let me tie him up with licorice, slather him with whipped crème and lick it off. I’m so frustrated at his sexiness, it’s torture…I can’t take it anymore!"

Wendy - I believe he let Tommy do just that at the last Weekend At Bernie's !

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Originally posted by ECatw:

The "Sonny Bono" comment! wink

When I first joined this wonderful board, one of Lew's first comments to me was that the very handsome avatar that Sherry and I share looked liked Sonny Bono! arrgh

What a lovely way to greet me! I think it was from the old "Saturday Night Lewsers" thread.

BTW Sherry, I have since reprimanded Lew when I met him this past Fall! wink

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Deer(sic) Stalker: At the time of my inception, there were no black posters and Jesse Jackson was gonna make a big thing out of it...So, painstakingly, Bernie went out to find an articulate black man, to become an EC.com member...When he couldnt find one, he ended up with me...The avatar is a picture of my ex-wife Lewisa, who left me and went on to "smaller" things as part of James' harem...So, lookee here, dat's da story...I gotta go to the baffroom...Know what I'm sayin'...

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