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Recommend two groups, please


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There are so many Raspberries/Eric Carmen fans that have mentioned so many other groups that they listen to when not listening to R/EC music. I've never heard of many of the groups mentioned, and can't remember their names, as they're scattered throughout other threads over long periods of time. If you're willing, please list a couple of groups (or more) that you think other R/EC fans would like to try out. Thanks to Marvin, I've been able to hear Artful Dodger and Kyle Vincent, and Ted has me curious about Dakota, and Tony and Bernie have me curious about Butch Walker. What else should I try? Fountains of Wayne?

Thanks for any insight!


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Marvin has turned me into a huge Kyle Vincent fan. I was just blaring him out this morning.

I know some people may slap me for saying this, but have you listened to the new Backstreet Boys record? I think the first five songs and numbers seven and eight are terrific pop songs! I get the benefit from hearing it from my daughters, but I would honestly buy this CD ("Never Gone") if I had just heard it on my own. I've never really cared for them in the past, so that is saying something.

Alot of people hear "boy band" and won't give it a fair shake, but give it a listen if you can.

Also, the new Weezer CD "Make Believe" is pretty solid.

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Gosh, can't stick to two!!!

A few of these will probably have been mentioned before on these pages, but some of my 'melodic pop' faves include:


Emitt Rhodes/Merry Go Round (new MGR comp just out on Rev-ola and getting rave reviews)

The Flame (Ricki Fataar's band pre-Rutles)

Michel Pagliaro (wish there was a decent compilation out there. I have a handful of wonderful tracks. Perhaps Marvin knows more...)

David Grahame (check out his stuff on Not Lame)

The Winnerys (cover of their CD, 'And The Winnerys' has a Rickenbacker dipped in gold on the front... you don't need to know much more!) Great Spanish band)

Big Star

Jeff Foskett - another vote for him...

Brendan Benson

Badfinger (of course.... )

The Twilights ('60s outfit from Australia - great Move/Beatles-styled pop)

That will do for now happy

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if you're a Raspberries/Eric Carmen fan i'd suggest Van Duren's "Are You Serious" LP, but it's already out of print (it came out on an obscure label in 1977 & disappeared)-- his 2nd LP "Idiot Optimism" remained unreleased until 2002 when the Japanese label, Air Mail Recordings released both discs on CD... Not Lame sometimes has his stuff for sale... VERY HIGHLY recommended to EC/Raspberries fans...


Dwight Twilley Band ("Sincerely" & "Twilley Don't Mind")

Badfinger ("Straight Up" and "No Dice")

Big Star ("Radio City")

Enuff ZNuff ("1985")

Pernice Bros!!!!

all the stuff "popdude" mentioned too...

also, another obvious one is Todd Rundgren, especially the best-of comps & "Something/Anything"

honorable mentions: bands who wear their 'Berries influence on the sleeve:

Off Broadway



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When I saw ENuff Z'Nuff a few years ago, Donnie Vie did a 'straight up' version of "All By Myself" at the keyboard right into another great cover: Lennon's "Jealous Guy." I was there with my brother Jim and remember telling him: "Now I know why I like these guys so much, they like the guys *I* like!"


PS: Okay, I'll play the 'recommend two' game by adding a pair of eclectic '70s choices (both hard-to-find on CD, but oh so worth it if you do!):

1. Piper

2. Robert A. Johnson

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Originally posted by Raspbernie:


1. Piper

GREAT CHOICE!, especially the 2nd LP, "Can't Wait"...

FYI: Pernice Bros stuff should be readily available...

my fave is "Yours Mine & Ours" (from 2003)

Bob Allen's fave is "The World Won't End" (2001)

the other two, "Overcome By Happiness" (1998)

and "Discover A Lovelier You" (2005) are also highly recommended...

their label has a website: www.ashmontrecords.com

they are currently touring & i can personally say their show (in VA at Jammin' Java) was one of 2005's highlights right alongside the Brian Wilson show the night before & the Berries show I saw at BB Kings on July 24th...

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I've been waiting for the Piper albums to be released in the U.S. on CD - I think they were only available as super-rare (and super-expensive) Japanese import CD's at one time.

Robert A. Johnson - wow! Haven't heard that name in a while....the LP was called CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND, correct?

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You are the MASTER of the OBSCURE! Yes, CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND had a couple of tracks that played rather exteensively on (beloved and long-gone) WNEW-FM back when the jocks picked the records: "Wish Upon A Star" and "I'll Be Waiting." This guy played the best guitar riffs! He literally filled up whatever tracks were available in the recording studio not being used by drums and bass with loads of guitars. Cool stuff.


PS: I always thought the "A" in his name quite funny. I guess he needed it to differentiate himself from the WORLD FAMOUS GUITARIST Robert Johnson. Kinda similar to one David Jones who started singing around the time a more famous DAVEY JONES was recording. He opted to go with a differnt moniker: DAVID BOWIE.

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Butch Walker/Marvelous 3's last 2 CDs (Hey Album, Ready Sex Go) and Butch's smashing solo debut (Left Of Self-Centered) are a MUST for those who like a bit harder melodic ROCK with great harmonies and guitar work. His most current CD (Letters) is a letdown, and more mellow. Only the songs "Mixtape", "Joan" and "Maybe It's Just Me" are top Butch quality...

Butch is the only harder rock artist who has won me over since Def Leppard impressed me in the mid 80's.

Butch is the goods!

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Not a reflection on you, but I have it from a VERY relaible source, who looked up just long enough from her bowl of ice cream to say, "Bobby didn't break the vase, Peter did. Bobby said, 'Mom always says, "Don't play ball in the house."'"

She says, don't believe her?: Look it up in "The Brady Bunch Book." There it is on page 182, Show #31, "Confessions, Confessions" original airdate, 12/18/70.

And she says SHE humors MY Raspberries addiction...


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