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Tell us about your Easter Eggs


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I noticed as I read some emails from one or two of you that you obviously have some differences in what your Easter Eggs are like compared with us here in New Zealand. Someone spoke of "Plastic' eggs with a Candy inside. We don't get them here.

We have hollow chocolate eggs of varying sizes some with sweets (Candies) in them,some have chocolate bars in them, some just hollow, some are dark chocolate others are milk chocolate. Then we have the marshmallow eggs. There is plain marshmallow, or you can get peppermint or Pineapple flavoured or caramel flavoured or strawberry flavoured or you can get plain with a yellow part that represents the yoke.

So what about you. What sort do you have and what are your favourites?? Mine is the dark chocolate hollow egg with chocolate covered ginger inside. Yummy!!!! :P:Phappy

Muzza cool

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After church everyone comes to my house.

We send the grown-up set of kids outside to hide the Easter eggs for the youngest group. We had 10 children and total of 35 people of family and friends.

Our eggs are bright colored plastic eggs with wrapped candy inside. The candy is jelly beans, chocolate covered peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, milk, dark, and white chocolates, peeps - colored marshmallow chicks and bunnies....

We put about 250 eggs, and the frenzy of egg hunting begins.

I close my eyes as they stomp on my plants. I have no idea if all the eggs were found. In the past a stray egg or two have turned up months later.

For lunch we had turkey, ham, lamb with red potatoes with parsley, carrots, edamame, asparagus. Some sort of yummy tamale (brought by guest). Cheese trays with fresh veggies and crackers. Assorted chutneys, pickles and olives. Southerners must have at every gathering, deviled eggs.

Little cakes made to look like Easter baskets and one large cake made to look like an Easter bonnet with lovely suger flowers, my sister is very creative. happy

It was a Big day and I was tired Monday after all the clean up.

I love any of the chocolate goodies, but I don't touch them, it triggers asthma for me. frown

Next....What do the rest of our friends here at EC.com do for the Holiday?

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We had our first Easter alone this year...usually my brother and his wife and their two kids and my family and my folks have a great bash but we'd just come home from savannah on Saturday (Kyle had to go back to college on Easter sunday which sucked) so my folks were down south and my brothers family was getting their daughter back to school too.

BUT - we usually do the following (and the kids do not care how old they are, they must have these rituals!! THEY'RE 19 AND 16!!)

Easter Sunday morning, we all go to church (except my sister-in-law who is jewish and has bunny chores).

My folks used to have a nice large yard and she would hide plastic filled eggs with Jelly Bellys (jelly beans) malted milk eggs, all variety of foil wrapped chocolate mini-eggs (snickers, nestles crunch, etc.) Cadbury creme eggs, marshmallow peeps and a big chocolate bunny or cross. The fun year was when my sis-in-law put the bunnies in the sun by accident! Chocolate soup in a box!

As they got older (and faster by degrees so that there was in inequity in treat collection amongst the four of them which led to tears), I started making it a scavenger hunt - the four had colored coded eggs to find by following the clues inside (riddles!)At the end, they would find where their baskets were hiding.

Then we would have a huge irish breakfast (rashers (irish bacon), pork sausages, black and white puddings, eggs. The kids would then dye eggs and decorate them using the traditional Paas kit!

Then they would toddle off to demolish the chocolate booty and to save it from maurauding grandfather and uncle.

Womenfolk would assemble to bake a ham (with orange juice concentrate, red currant jam and port wine glaze), mashed or au gratin potatoes, asparagus, turnips (yuck) green beans, biscuits or scones.

Dessert would be either a Garden Cake with marizpan veggies (bake a rectangular cake, frost it, cover with crushed oreos for the 'dirt', pipe rows of frosting to make planting plots and then put carrots, peas in the pods, pumpkins, cabbages, strawberries with vines) or Strawberry shortcake.

Plus chocolate!!!!!

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WOW! Annie. That is quite the bash you have - man, all I got was the Easter basket with some chocolate bunnies and malted milk candy.

As for the peeps(my preference is the bunnies) - has anyone ever put them in the microwave? Very fun to watch!

One year my husband's family got together for Easter lunch/brunch. We made jello easter egg shots(made with schnapps)and eventually figured out what happens to peeps in the microwave! eekcrazy


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My Laura (21) LOVES to put Peeps in the microwave!!! I thought she was the only nut that did that! grumpy We're now looking for Plan B.

I kept the meal simple this year:

Ham slices marinated in pineapple, soy, and ginger

Chicken marinated in orange juice, honey, and basil

Pasta with fresh broccoli and cauliflower

Rice with fresh asparagus and spinach

Angelfood cake w/pineapple creme filling

Mixed berry cheesecake

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Oh YEAH !! putting peeps in the microwave is big sport around here (I make them use paper plates - easier clean up) I bet there is a video of it on YOUTUBE Muzza!!!!

They make Peeps for halloween too - black cats and pumpkins and ghosts (the ghosts are the PERFECT marshmallow topper for hot chocolate at halloween parties)

I agree, Bess - I love the associations with "pure childhood" - that's why I love this thread - there's a new thread for ya!!! What are the best childhood holiday or birthday memories....

I have to get back to writing my term paper and studying!!!

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Hi Muzza and Kiwi:

I LUV Peeps, I could eat them by the box.

I enjoyed some chocolate fish at WAB 4.

But, since the original topic of this thread is eggs, I'll tell you about my favorite. CADBURY CREME EGGS. Solid chocolate outside with a creamy white filling with a yellow center for the yolk. SOOOO sweet!!! That's the original. They now have orange and I think carmel.

cool chick anutie

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All the food sounds delicious!! Circle

Have you ladies ever considered a cookbook?

Our Easter was pretty simple. We dyed eggs (the hard way) with food coloring and vinegar and cooking oil for those "psychadelic" eggs. Ham, potatoes, peas, rolls for dinner. Used to do Easter baskets when kids were younger, but both are a little too old for that now. I miss those days!!

But seriously, what about a cookbook? All the goodies sound wonderful.

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Pinky Bars... they are chocolate coated bars about 6 inches long. Inside they have a Raspberry flavoured marshmallow filling...with a layer of Caramel around that and then the Chocolate coating.. and they are wrapped in a pink Wrapper...YUMMY :P:Pinsanehappy

Those of you who would like to try some can email or PM us your postal address and I will send Kiwi out to round some up...and then we'll send some to you. laugh

Muzza cool

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