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Most loved and hated musical instrument

Carmen Smalley

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Linndrums,Synare,Fairlight and 80Â¥s instruments.

Definitely true--

also any synth that tries to duplicate a piano just never sounds right (sorta like how diet soda never tastes like the real thing)...

improper use of Fender Rhodes keyboards usally mars stuff... as does keyboards/synths (i.e. ELP's "Lucky Man") that sound cheesey...

One of the most underrated instrument/device is the mellotron which gives many late '60s and early '70s recordings amazing feel (i.e. Big Star's "Give Me Another Chance" and April Wine's "like A Lover Like A Song"). The 12-string Rickenbacker ain't shabby either.... and a Les Paul thru a Marshall amp rarely sounds wrong...

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Pierson where are you located? I'm surprised that you know "Like A Lover" by April Wine.


blame it on Bob Allen and Kingston Ontario AM radio--blasting on Chaumont Bay in upstate NY where we would go on summer vacation-- a lot of my family resides there, still...
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Back in late May of 1981, I was in downtown Toronto for the first time with classmates from the junior high school for a bus trip. There was a man drivin' around & the car was crankin' with the car speakers by April Wine way up loud: "Turnin' to the stars...ROCK AND ROLL GUITARS SAID I LIKE TO ROCK...some like it hot...& he was on his way from work or something. Go to: www.cjcsradio.com in Stratford, Ontario for rock 'n roll oldies because you can listen live from your computer!!! Matt

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My most loved instrument of course is the violin. I also adore the oboe--always wanted to play it. The only instrument I've ever met that I didn't like was the plastic violin my parents bought me when I was 2 and wanted one. It didn't play and I got really angry.

smile --Darlene

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