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What are the saddest songs for you?

Carmen Smalley

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I just LOVE that O'Sullivan song! Mine would be "One More Day" by Diamond Rio. Came out during a disasterous time in my life. The melody, some of the lyrics, but especially the emotion really tore me up at the time.

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Oh, yes, Seasons in the Sun - I remember hearing that on the school bus radio and it used to really get me misty-eyed and make me contemplate life! Of course, I was only in kindergarten at the time, but even now I have those memories of sadness that it conjured.


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"good" sad vs. bad sad (or maudlin)...

good "sad": i prefer

"Trouble" by Cat Stevens (featured in "Harold & Maude")

"Sometimes It Snows In April"- Prince

"If You Change Your Mind"- Raspberries

"Without You"- Nilsson (via Badfinger)

"Bookends Theme"- Simon & Garfunkel

"God Only Knows" and "Caroline No"- Beach Boys"

"The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine ANymore"- Walker Bros

"Alfie"- Trash Can Sinatras/Dionne Warwick

"Give Me Another Chance" Big Star

"Hook Line & Sinker"- Jon Brion

"Dear Friend"- McCartney

"Isn't It A Pity"- George Harrison

"Happy X-mas"- John Lennon

"A Case Of You"- Joni Mitchell

"Back To The Old House"- The Smiths

"Flaming Wreck"- Pernice Bros

"I Don't Want To Tie You Down"- Todd Rundgren

"Waterloo Sunset"- Kinks

"That I Remember" and "Sincerely"- Dwight Twilley Band

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