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Fender Guitar 60th Anniversary Music Festival, 3/31-4/1


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It's in Tempe, Arizona. You can go to www.TempeMusicFestival.com or www.Fender.com They are giving away a new Fender Statocaster guitar. There are 30 sponsors(click on their logos) and 30 bands on saturday. I haven't looked at it much, yet.

I found it at www.martiniinthemorning.com Click on the stations 100 Standards countdown. I was at the same show where Rod and his girlfriend(now, his wife)saw a Christmas Concert, at The Universal Amphitheater. Singer Steve Tyrell(Movie: Father of the Bride-The Way You Look Tonight, song) introduced Rod who was in the audience. About 6,000 people showed up to here the Standards songs, with sponsors. Brad was one of the DJ's at 690 A.M., in So. Cal., where I always listened to The Standards music style. I've met Daisy(she DJ'd, too) and James Torme who are the daughter and son of singer Mel Torme, at Disneyland. I gave Daisy a short hand-written song, a card, and a Mighty Ducks Ice-Hockey special edition Christmas Cap. with colored woven bulbs on the front. Mel had a new street named after him, in Las Vegas this past february. Also, on the station was Gary Owens. Hopefully, they will find another station to air this music, again. It was bought out by spanish investors from Spain, and it is now a talk show.

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I meant Rod Stewart, who was the one to kick-off the beginnings of this station. He got the number two song on the top 100 countdown songs-These Foolish Things. Frank Sinatra got number one- One For My Baby. Steve Tyrell got number six, from the movie, Father of the Bride, with actor Steve Martin. 16 year-old Renee Olstead, who I've met, got number 17 (fifteen when she recorded the song). If you want a really quick Standards top songs education, check it out on the above post. These people were superb with all of the great music that I didn't listen to before.

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