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Do you like where you live?


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I grew up and lived in suburban Philadelphia for 52 years. As much as I love the area (my daughter still lives there) I always hated the cold winters and dreamt of moving to California. In 1992 I received an unsolicited job offer ro move to Sacramento with an increase in salary of $24k/yr - how could I resist, it was like going to heaven. Ruthie and I loved central CA. The Napa Valley, San Fran, Monterey, and Carmel. However all good things come to an end.

Next stop was Baton Rouge where we fell in love with the people, the culture and, of course, the food. We became, and still are, huge fans of LSU. New Orleans was a treat. The summers were quite harm and very humid. While some hate that, we loved it. A better offer was received and off we went to Connecticut.

CT was bitter cold in the winter with heavy snow and Ruthie hated it and I wasn't too happy either. So, after 5 years I was vested at the job and 'retired' to sunny central Florida. I can tell you we will NEVER leave here. I can validate that because I just (last night) returned from Minneapolis where the wind chill was -2. Couldn't wait to leave. We live in an active 55+gated community that has two golf courses, three pools, a huge club house and much, much more.We moved here in 2002 just before the house prices skyrocketed. We are looking to buy a second home here of 1700+ sq ft for $150k. It's a great place to live.

Central FL can get hot in the summer but it's not unbearable at all - everything is air-conditioned and evenings are extremely pleasant (70-78 degrees). Today 12/12, it's 63 and breezy. I don't miss the seasons at all. 52 years of them and I 'got the picture.'

Central FL or Central CA are excellent choices. Actually we live in a hilly part of Florida which adds a nice ambience to the countryside.

Come on down, it's quite pleasant and ya don't have to shovel the heat. happy

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Before I forget... Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread. Very interesting stuff!

JohnO, I liked your assessment of Richmond -- maybe we'll be neighbors down there sometime in the future!

Of course, Anna R makes San Diego sound inviting.... It always seems to win "best place to live" polls... I guess I've always been an East Coast guy, but... people change! I've spent just a little time in California, usually attending a show or event I was covering for music and then sports magazines I edited. In fact, I almost took a job in northern Cal in the 1990s, and enjoyed a 4-hour, leisurely drive up the jagged coastline. I also have an aunt in Simi Valley that I've visited. I'm not sure, though, that I'd move all the way across the country to live in in a "town full of desperate fools." Just kidding... because Wendy makes me "wish they all could be California girls..." and Kirk seems to agree.

Marv, I've been to Montreal, too. I actually did an interview with Supertramp in the late 1980s before a short tour they did (Roger Hodgson had left the band). I ended up getting snowed in for an extra two days by a killer blizzard that caused a 100-car pileup. I still remember visiting a nice jazz club called "Biddles." I haven't been to Quebec, though. I should drive up for a vacation....

Also, Dave and John make Princeton, N.J. sound like a paradise! Good stuff.... "Pissah" is right! And Marlene's lucky to have lived in two paradises (paradi?). Florida also gets good reviews here, and Pretender has found a good spot in Illinois -- I've always liked smaller towns with proximity to cities.

Then there's Hollies' "no comment" about Ohio, seconded by Mood Indigo. It's funny, I'd probably dig living near Cleveland, just because of the Raspberries roots and the music scene. And I've always liked the Indians (as long as they're not beating the Yanks!).

Anyway, thanks to all of you who took the time.... Any more reviews of "where you live"?

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I've lived in Thousand Oaks for 24 years, and I must say, it's quite beautiful, and the weather is ideal. I do miss family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio though. I think deep down I'll always be an Ohio girl! Anna is right on! My family and I love visiting San Luis Obispo, my husband would love to move there. I love living close to the beach, and I love not having to deal with snow unless you want to, then you can drive there, then drive home!!


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I grew up in central Illinois(Peoria) and lived through high school and college. My first job was 80 miles to the north in northwest Illinois(Sterling). I met my future wife there and all three of our daughters were born there and raised there. It was a good solid place to raise a family and about an hour and a half from both of our sets of parents. I really have no regrets of all my years there. An opportunity came up in 2006 to move to Rockford in north central Illinois. This city is 10 times bigger than Sterling. There is lots more to do here and more economic opportunities even though it has the highest unemployment in the state. I am an Illinois prairie boy through and through. It has been a great state to live in and we have a lot of Presidential "connections" being the state that has produced Lincoln, Reagan and Obama. Although none of the three were born, raised and worked here all their lives. We have diversity with our small towns with ag and our cities with industry. We have big hills in NW corner and SE corner and flat as a board many many places inbetween. I have no regrets and I do not mind the change of seasons...


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Yes, I do like where I live. Firstly the actual country - New Zealand... well we do have Christmas in the summer so beaches and BBQs at Christmas, outdoor parties... real cool stuff. No where is more than 2 hrs drive from a beach/Ocean. Culturally we have great diversity and wonderful food as well. Then we have cows and sheep and deer and many farms; but we don't have snakes, crocodiles or other large dangerous creatures.

And so our town - Feilding. Population 14,500 with no traffic lights or parking meters. 12 miles from a reasonable sized city(by NZ standards) where Kiwi and I both work. Our town has been voted the most beautiful town in New Zealand 14 times and is known as Friendly Feilding. Although we are inland we are 30 minutes to the nearest beach on the West coast and Tasman Sea and 2 hrs to one on the East Coast and the Pacific Ocean.

Our summer temperatures are around the high 20c (mid 80f) and our winters around 6c (42f) and we don't get snow where we live!!

And if we were to move from here I would like to go back to New Plymouth (where I was born) which is about 3 hrs West of here and is a coastal city that has great sea views to the North and great views of Mt Taranaki to the South.

Muzza cool

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