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Rusty is getting married

Roadie #3

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Yes, this Saturday, Rusty Pitrone the one, the only Tour Road Manager will tie the knot. Rusty and as he always refers to her as "girlfriend" (Jerry) finally make it legal.

One funny story is that during the practices for the Choir reunion, Rusty told girlfriend that he was going to Choir practice and for some strange reason she thought he meant at church (Jerry is not a Clevelander and does not know the music history). This worked for two days until she put some thought behind it and figured out - - Rusty - Church - "I think not"

Best wishes to Rusty and Girlfriend (Jerry)

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Congrats indeed, although "legal" is a bit of a misnomer as long running unions are recognized as common-law in many states anyway... but there are many people who still believe that the piece of paper and/or the ring make more difference than the power that love can have over heart, mind and soul...

Don't think to sit back on the laurels of "marriage", keep your love fresh, fun and fulfilling and never take her (or him Jerry) for granted... smile

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