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Here’s hoping your birthday is filled with LOL on your special day and every day throughout the year !!

May your day be as special as you are !!! LOL on your birthday !!! heartpump

You share your special day with Todd Rungren, Meryl Streep, Freddie Prinze, and Bill Blass.

On this day in music history, Billy Joel became the first rock artist to perform at Yankee Stadium; Mark David Chapman pled guilty to killing John Lennon; Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" was released and the Jeff Beck group made its U.S. debut in New York at The Fillmore East.

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Wishing the most special birthday for the sweetest, warmest, kindest, most avid Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan and one of the greatest friends I've met on the board!

Wishing your day is filled with happiness, a big cake, shining candles and that when you blow them out your fondest birthday wish comes true, because you truly deserve it!

Sending you best wishes for a whole year of the most beautiful things, including more fantastic Raspberries shows, to you, because you're an A+


smileheartpump Love, Darlene

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Hey Chris, Hope your day is ALL smiles and sunshine!! I picked out this lil song for ya 'cause it's kinda like all of us here on the board and the way we feel about you!!!

You will need to really turn up the volume but I think if you listen to the words and the entire song you will know that THIS "RapsberryWolf" only wants you to have 'a good time!!"


Have a good time & Happy Birthday!! spinhappy

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oh man,you're slayin' me here now..what more can i say?? to think i'm appreciated here just kills me..good friends,great times..that's what drives me at the ripe age of 48!!! here and overseas,i really mean what i say here..not to sound like a broken record..but thats me..i wont fight it anymore as i did when i was a teenager!!! you have taken me to a newer height i never realised..god bless ya!! lol,chris

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