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Women vocalists


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Many of my favorites have been listed already, but, ok, i'm telling my age now...how about Leslie Gore ? I remember singing along with her "It's my Party"... laugh

And i have to mention Bonnie Raitt since i haven't seen her name posted yet.

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Sorkun(a Basque Country singer)

Maddy Prior(Steelye Span)

Sandy Denny-(Fairport Convention)

Mary Hopkin

Mado Robin(an Hindu opera singer)

Janis Joplin

Grace Slick(Jefferson Airplane)

Dorothy(The United States Of America)

Linda Laflamme(It¥s A Beautiful Day)

Sonja Kristina(Curved Air)

Bjork(with Sugarcubes).

To be continued.

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Here are my tops (no particular order) and most hated:

1) Karen Carpenter

2) Linda Ronstadt

3) Gladys Kight

4) Janis Joplin

5) Dusty Springfield

6) Rita Coolidge ( sexiest voice ever)

7) Celine

8) Ginette Reno

9) Sarah McLachlan

10) Lori MacKenzie (my wife !...LOL)

Most Hated:

1) Diana Ross (WAY overrated)

2) Christina Aguilar (awful)

3) Madonna ( can't sing a note

4) Annie Lennox (great singer, but her voice irritates me)

5) Bonnie Tyler ( take a lozenge for gosh sakes)

6) That Chick from the Cranberries

7) Edif Piaf

8) The chick from Miami Sound Machine

9) Janet Jackson

10) Mariah

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More fave women

Sorkun-A Basque country singer.She¥s very feminist.I love her lyrics and her voice

La Paquera De Jerez-An old flamenco singer

La NiÃ’a De La Puebla-Another old flamenco singer.

Oh,Bahoodore.Edith Piaf is not my cup of tea,but she was an interesting French Bohemian singer.She would be forbidden in France nowadays.

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Boy, do I agree with all of Bahoo's most hated women singers list. Christina, becuase she thinks she's so good, when she is just average. And Mariah has a great voice, but her style of singing is so irritating. Gloria Estefan's voice from MSM has always bothered me. I don't know quite why. She seems like a great person. I think it's a combination of the cornball lyrics and overrated voice.

I think Dido has a pleasant unique vocal quality.

And I thought Lita Ford had a good rock and roll singing voice.

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Man--I've been around this site long enough to hate to get on Tony's list, but I think one of my favorite "chillin'" CDs is Gloria Estebans cover album,(grat version of How Can I Be Sure)

The Rest:

Martina McBride (was there a stronger song last year than Concrete Angel)


Celine( only because of that impossible note she hits at the end of ABMyself)

Karen Carpenter

Carol King(not as pretty, but it fits everything she sings)

Ann or Nancy Wilson(I get Mixed up)

Oliva Newton John

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I met a woman in Boston, introduced to me by a mutual friend. All I remember is that her name is Rebecca and besides being stunningly beautiful, she could scorch a steak with a single note. I'm not easily impressed, but she came to my studio bearing tapes and I cleared my schedule after hearing one tune so I could spend the rest of the afternoon listening. Power, range, control, yeah all the good stuff one needs to be called a "singer" and not a "vocalist." Too bad that talent and success are completely unrelated.

Also from Boston: Hope Moon. All I can say about Hope is DAMN. She was always my favorite female singer. I did lots of session work with her and she just got better and better as time went on. She used to sing with Cindy Daley in "Lovelace" along with Caroline. Hope sounded a lot like Tina Turner and that could have been her downfall (like Ellis Hall sounding like Stevie Wonder). Cindy can still sing extremely well. Another great singer and sweet writer from Boston is Chris Winton Henderson. I must have done 200 sessions with her. All of those people should have been huge stars.

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Some great names on these lists (some awful ones too).

When I think of great female singers the one that ALWAYS comes to mind first is:

Patty Smyth (lead singer for Scandal) - her solo work is superb. Her version of Downtown Train, done long before Rod Stewart's bloody awful rendition, is magical. Her phrasing sets her apart from the pack.

For those not aware, she is married to ex-tennis ace John MacEnroe -

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When I think of great female singers the one that ALWAYS comes to mind first is:

Patty Smyth (lead singer for Scandal)

Holy cow - I forgot about her. Once in 1981 my friend Dave Dachinger (www.ddmusic.com) told me he was working with a new band and he thought I should meet the female singer because he felt that we should work together. I went back to Boston the next day and I never got to meet her. Her name was Patty Smyth.
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