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Yes folks, it’s that time of year again……it’s TOMMY TUNES’ birthday !!

Tunesy, I hope that this birthday is the start of everything good. You're the best ! LuvLove

You share your special day with Marie Osmond, Sammy Hagar, Paul Simon and Rhett Akins.

On this day in music history, The Beatles appeared on the BBC's "Sunday Night at the Palladium." It was their first appearance on a major TV show and Bing Crosby, part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, threw out the first ball in Game 4 of the World Series between the Pirates and the Orioles.

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Darling TOMMY, Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday because you deserve it! You're a great EC and Razz fan, a terrific board member and a fantastic friend!

Sending BIG BIG wishes for a beautiful year in which ALL of your dreams come true! Hoping to see you at a future Raspberries concert so I can hug ya!

smile --Love, heartpump Dar

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Dear Double T..

I'm glad that this board has "private message" capabilities because I would hate to have everybody on this board know our business...

I cant hide the fact that I have a crush on you...just take a look at us together with the grass skirts on...You can tell by the expression on my face that I didnt mind your "wandering" hands and in fact I encouraged it...I know you felt something too...Swollen coconuts was a dead give-away...

I know you have had a tough year...But, I'm sure that what I am going to tell you will make it better...July 14th, I gave birth to a set of twins...They are yours...A girl that I have named "Bundlette" and a boy named "Tunester Jr."...You should see the girl...She has your eyes and my hair while the boy has your hair(none) and glasses...A sure telling sign of our doing...

I hope that this is the birthday present you always wanted...Happy birthday, Tommy

P.S.=I know that they are yours since I havent been with anyone else...Plus little Tunester is always babbling incoherent lyrics which is a genetic thing because of your "Name That Tune" game...

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