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Mike Gibbins


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Barb...I just read this over on your Badfinger board and am totally shocked...Mike was a nice guy and had a chance to meet him many times over the years...VERY glad for he and Joey's sake that they had a chance to mend fences...I hope Paul Mac acknowledges the passing at his show tonight...Raspberries and Badfinger always battled for the #2 spot in my musical heart behind the Fab Four...

I am always grateful that Joey acknowledges me everytime I run into him and one of the biggest thrills that I ever had was a chance to sponser a Badfinger show back in the late 80's when both Joey and Mike were in the band...I got to spend some time with the two of them at their hotel room and I thought I was a big s..t...Mike gave me a hard time about signing the "Say No More" album because he hadnt played on it, but eventually caved in and gave me his signature...

Years earlier, I got to see Tommy at one of his last gigs and approached him after his show...He was pretty rude to me and I got into a a little confrontation with him(as I always do with everybody) and his subsequent suicide a short time later really made me feel badly...I got to see the original Badfinger once and they were great...Saw various incarnations through the years, with Tom and Mike, Tom only,Joey and Mike and Joey only...Too bad they had fragmented so badly...They certainly had a tough go of it...

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Wish I read the community section more often --- I got an email from a musician friend about Mike's death only this morning so I found an article at Billboard.Com's Oct. 5 edition and posted it on this site's other message board.

I'm really sad about Mike's passing. Seems my favorite bands keep losing members at a young age (two The Beach Boys, two members of The Who, two members of The Sweet and three members of Badfinger). I'm glad that all the guys in Raspberries are still around to be loved by their fans --- life can be so very, very short, and as The Beatles sang, "there's no time for fussing and fighting."

I was glad to hear Joey Molland and Mike were talking again.


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This is such sad news! Mike Gibbins and the Badfinger band provided us with a great body of music, that I know I have really enjoyed. Hopefully, Mike has been reunited at long last with Pete Ham & Tom Evans, and they are now singing their musical masterpieces for an audience of angels.

"You're the apple of my eye, you're the apple of my heart...but now the time has come to part." crying

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