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VA Tech: Did anyone else notice:

Tony Cartmill

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On the video that student shot on his cell phone, there are shots ringing out inside the building, and the police shown are either standing there or walking slowly towards the building like there is no urgency to stop the shooting. I hope to God there were other police officers who already ran in there because these guys were laying back while students inside were getting slaughtered. The killer had time to go into several rooms unload his guns, reload, and then go back into the rooms again to finish off some of the wounded...

I know in the Columbine shooting, that one teacher bled to death waiting for help. The students coming out of his classroom begged the officers to go in and save him but the police said everybody had to stay out because there might be bombs, so they waited over an hour. We'll never know if the teacher could have been saved.

I need to know if at least 1 or 2 armed police first on the scene causciously RAN in the building to confront this punk before he killed himself! From what I've heard, he had over 15 minutes to due his damage!

I know police work can be dangerous, but what's the policy when someone is shooting up a school full of students?

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I do not know what VA policy of handling this type of disaster/terrorist situation. But, once the police officers that first arrived had assessed that it was bigger problem than they could immediately handle they would drop back, secure the area. They would wait for adequate back-up or SRT to arrive. This is done so that arriving officers/SRT are all working together in a practiced coordinated response. This helps reduce the chance of more good guys and civilians being hurt.

I know I would want them storming in as fast as possible. But that is what happens on TV not real life.

Most police depts practice different scenarios during feild training operations to be familiar many possible problems. Campus police may not have the same training other police dept have.

I agree 15 min. seems a very long time.

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There were probably lead officers inside, once the higher trained guys are there, they move very quickly. They do not mess around and rarely make mistakes because they are the best to start with, then are trained and trained and trained.

I can't speak for every officer, but I know it is very hard to be pulled back when you know some one is in danger and time is of the essence.

Remember, Police officers are mothers and fathers, sons and daughter too, they KNOW their job is to preserve and protect, they live and breathe it every day.

I bet most of them are very sad they did not fire the shot that stopped the bad guy before he killed all those poor people.

That guilt is just another part of what makes a police officer's life difficult.

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One more thought on Va. Tech.

The Gunman Fired 170-Plus Shots with deadly aim.

I think more items need to be restricted on EBay, gun related need to be the first.

There are more strange people out here who have the same access.

10-round magazines should be not available unregistered to anyone.

I love eBay and have found a lot of fun things,

But enough is enough.

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It turns out the punk chained 3 doors from the inside. That gave him more time.

I don't want any excuses for this sorry excuse for a human being. He was mentally ill AND evil.

And if the LAWYERS try to prevent lesson-learned safeguards put in place so this kind of thing might be prevented in the future...then it's time to shoot the lawyers. crazy

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