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Debby Boone


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I had the incredible pleasure of seeing Debby Boone last night perform selections from her new CD "Reflections of Rosemary" in an intimate cabaret setting at Davenport's in Chicago. Her singing , in a word, was amazing!

She is currently touring and performing only tunes from the CD (so don't expect to hear "You Light Up My Life")that is dedicated to Rosemary Clooney, her late mother-in-law, at very small, unique locations with a three piece band (piano, standup bass, and saxophone)that is fabulous!

I have always felt she is the most underrated female singer (you know who I feel is the most underrated male singer)of all time. This style of music is absolutely perfect for her soft and endearing voice. I was completely mesmerized by her singing and beauty! I haven't seen her in over twenty years, but her voice has gotten even better and she looks like she is twenty one! What a thrill it was for me to have a fifteen minute conversation with her after the show about what is going on in both our lives. A performer who genuinely cares about her fans!

If anyone has the opportunity to see her on this short tour, don't even hesitate, go there and be prepared to have your socks knocked off by her incredible voice! She is playing in Chicago again tonight (I have decided to go back!) then Cleveland on Wednesday and Minnesota on Thursday, with upcoming shows in New York, Boston, and San Francisco on the horizon.

She just signed with Concord Records and you can check out her new website at www.debbyboone.net if you are interested in purchasing the CD or seeing the shows.

What an incredible year of music this has been for me. Just when you think music has hit the wall, I will be seeing Debby, the Raspberries (hopefully, a few times), and Paul McCartney within four months of each other.

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Glad you enjoyed the Debbie Song show.

I'm a huge Rosie Clooney fan, may she rest in peace. I saw a very good Rosie special on the tube a few years back where Debbie Boone came out for a few songs and sang most beautifully.

Check out Rosie's "Songbook Collection" a 6 CD set on the Concord label. Each disc features the songs of a different American Standard composer, e.g., Gershwin, Poter, Mercer, etc.

It's all great: done in a very cool, six-piece lounge band Concord-label style.

And each disc is available individually, too, I do believe.

And I hope everybody out there has a tape or DVD of White Christmas!

Rosie will always be wonderful!


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I'll bet she's fantastic. I knew a singer who went to school with her, (Becky Foster from Nashville) I believe at Pepperdyne. Becky said she was amazing, even in college. Given her musical family, I'm sure she has talent and showmanship. It's terrific that you loved the show and got to speak with her! I didn't know she married into Rosemary's family. Thanks for telling us about her.

smile --Darlene

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Interestingly enough, Concord was also Rosie's last label as well.

One of these days, I will have to get a cartridge for my turntable with a 78 stylus.....got a few of the original Clooney 10-inchers on Columbia sitting here...my Dad was ga-ga over her and my mom liked her music, so we heard a lot when we were kids....

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