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What do you prefer punk or new wave

Carmen Smalley

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I think The Clash proved themselves to be best of them all. All their political ravings aside, some of the rock songwriting on London Calling, Sandanista, and Combat Rock was masterful. The reggae influence was cool, but Mick Jones was also very influenced by T.Rex, Mott the Hoople, Bowie, etc. so there was some very tuneful stuff in the Clash albums. London Calling is a great record. I think, like Starting Over, another Rolling Stone album of the year-if not perhaps the decade.(80s). I always thought there was alot more posturing going down with the NY punk scene. Some of it really put me off. Not that there wasnt great artistic talent, which there was, it's just that it seemed much more self conscious and pretentious to me, the angry tortured artist sorta rap .I dont think the majority of the NYC punk/new wave bands could hold a candle to one of their primary influences, The Velvet Underground. Totally agree with Rockerreds, alot of the synth new wave stuff to follow was crap although some bands did have their moments.

I never dug the Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club sorta era. Not that there werent some good songs, its just that it was sorta of a commercialized watered down punk tinged with disco dancing. I also found something imitative, but necessarily in a good way, with what The Cars did with being inspired by the British punk sound. Some good stuff for sure but something also a watered down or phoney, especially in the voices.

Well, for my money The Clash were the very best of the Punk/new wave era. Saw them open for the Who in Detroit. They were nearly booed off the stage. It said more about the crowd than it did about the Clash. Because serious Who fans should be able to appreciate what the Clash did from a rock standpoint.

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