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Thanksgiving plans

Baby Sister

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It would be great to post what things, or people, you have been thankful for, and what they have meant to you.

I'll be celebrating on monday, first. Then, at least one other place on thursday. Sometimes, there are get togethers afterwards for fun and laughter. I'm considering going to Las Vegas, because Paul McCartney will play at The MGM Grand, the day after Thanksgiving. Cherio, folks. It's a bit of a jaunt, I suppose, but there's no time like now. Carry on, 'til next time.

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I'll be spending the day with about 300 people, serving dinner at the local soup kitchen where I volunteer year-round. I do this every year. After everyone's tummy's are full, we sit around in the warm dining hall listening to the native elders tell stories about what Thanksgiving was like in their villages when they were growing up. Last year, a homeless guy named Sammy (a resident of the 4th Avenue sidewalk) got up on the stage and performed about an hour of songs on his harmonica - he's so talented - and he's such a happy person. The day is full of hugs and laughter. When it's over, it feels lonely to go home...but I'm thankful that I have one to go to. I hope you all have a warm and safe Thanksgiving.

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