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What is the last CD you bought?

Carmen Smalley

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I just got Norah Jones "Feels Like Home" as well as the Super Audio CD of "Come Away With Me". I also bought Sarah McLachlan "Afterglow" & a brand new singer from England: Nellie McKay "Get Away From Me". I bought the dirty version instead of the clean version which is a 2 CD set. Nellie will be 20 years old on April 13. Nellie McKay or singer Joss Stone "The Soul Sessions" (which I do not have & Joss Stone will be 17 years old on April 11) could be the next Grammy winners for Best New Artist come 2005. Matt

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I would love to have the "Born To Love You, CD and the next Eric Carmen CD soon to be coming out.

But, unfortunately, I had to today, cancel my phone service to financial matters.

So, It will be a long time before I getthese CD's.

There's no way I will be able to get the Eric Carmen, Book, Marathon Man By Bernie.

until I find a way to make some extra money.

I feel right now, upset and uptight, people.

I need a week away from here to substain my

need to cry some tears,ok

Take care folks.

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The last Cd I bought was, Jackson Browne- The latest Cd, I hate it, the best I like is, Lawyers In love, I wish I had the cd, lot's of good songs on that one, plus the next.

Here is my e-mail address, ok g35harris@sprint.ca

for those who are waiting for it, ok

Eric's birthday is today, yes.

how will he recieve our card to him, electronically by e-mail, Or by cd-r Interactive,?

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