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What is the last CD you bought?

Carmen Smalley

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Marvin or anyone: Do you have The Guess Who "The Ultimate Collection" (RCA 1969-1975) (3-CD set)? I have that CD & I think the sound quality is great than the old best of compilations. I did NOT get the Anthology from last year. Wish I had the 2-CD set of "This Time Long Ago". I just saw a profile of Randy Bachman on CBC "Life & Times" which aired Tuesday night. Did anyone seen that show? Matt

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Sheryl Crow is one of my favourite 'current' artists. She does a fine version of "First Cut" albeit it is really not much different from Rod's version. Cat Stevens' original is fine but the version that first introduced me to that song was a mid-1970's version by Canadian Keith Hampshire. Great horns on his version.

Speaking of Sheryl's "Greatest Hits" disc, love the song "Light In Your Eyes."

Marvin (soon to disappear into oblivion)

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Actually just got the Eyeshadows CD in the mail, but haven't listened to it yet They are an all-girls punk band from LA, with two bass players. They put on a good show, and I ordered the CD from them.

The previous two CDs I acquired from the artists themselves--both of which gave me copies I met while at work. One is Jorma Kaukonen--former guitarist with Jefferson Airplane......the other is from Deborah(formerly Debbie)Gibson.

Listened to Kaukonen's through a few times. It's very rustic, acoustic stuff, like 1800s. Actually kind of cool and refreshing. Haven't put Gibson's on as I really haven't felt in the mood for any Broadway stuff lately. But I will get to it.

Also have a Cars greatest hits which I bought but haven't opened yet.

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The last CD I bought was Kyle Vincent's "Solitary Road version 2" at Kyle's Living Room concert in L.A. I already had version 1, but Kyle was signing them and it was a bargain. He wrote on mine, "To Tony, my fave Republican...P.S. Bill O'Reilly sucks!"

We debate on his website sometimes...

Kyle's a great guy, a solid pop songwriter and performer. Some call him "Eric Carmen lite".

Politically, he's a radical vegan environmentalist, which makes for inspired songwriting, but he has no use for conservative or traditional values thinking. "Big government- good, Big business-bad.

If you want to hear a compilation of some of his best pop songs, (Some good, some great), let me know.

Marvin, give us your hard opinion of Kyle again. I'm too lazy to go back a year on the board...

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Tony you know how I feel about Kyle - I'm the one who introduced you to him in the first place! I think his first two releases are solid pop efforts, and there's no denying his Eric influence - especially on the ballads. His latest effort, "Solitary Road" is definitely on the lite side, sorta his "Winter Dreams." Kyle has a very pleasant (sweet?) voice, which makes his music extremely easy to listen to.

"Arianne", "I Used to Love the Girl", "She's Top 40", "Jennifer", "Wake Me Up.." are some of the best pop songs you'll find anywhere. Oh and did I mention that Kyle's favourite EC song is "She Remembered"?!


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may i suggest that some of you might enjoy the brian wilson inspired cd by ireland band the thrills....also a few years ago chicago's the chamber strings released a fine specimen of pop confection entitled a month of sundays....all true fans of the genre must have these 2 precious platters!!!

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Ok guys, get ready for the great melt down on the last CD I bought, are you ready!

Here you go!

Bad Company- Holy Water

Good Cd, I like it.

What about your first Cd?

Here you go!

Vanessa Mae's- Classical Cd the first.Violin/pop


She puts out beautiful music, her looks arent something that a Big Mac truck would run over, her looks are like a beautiful star flower that shines down on everyone, the stars are her tears

that touches my heart and soul.

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