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Other artists influenced by BIG STAR

Otis Robb

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Teenage Fanclub The Posies and Matthew Sweet-all definetly qualify for being in the Power Pop category. No has mentioned that JON AUER AND KEN STRINGFELLOW of the POSIES were the gentlemen who had the honor of perfoming in the BIG STAR REUNIONS over the last the decade or so.

I had interviewed both Teenage Fanclub and The Posies in 1993 and 1994 who talked about the major influences of ALEX on their bands. It quite amazing to me that BIG STAR had such an enormous inpact on some many bands-even today.

Has anyone seen the BIG STAR family tree poster and ALL THE GROUPS who emphatically digested all three BS discs? (Yo La Tengo and the Replacements are part of that family too!)

Will talk about this later. One final note-one band not influenced by BIg Star but was a part of the Power Pop scene and had 3 albums before disbanding in 1979 were THE PEZBAND? Anyone remember them. Also I seen The Rubinoos mentioned(which Jon and Tommy have done some superb stuff including their 2000 reunion album), but nothing about GREG KIHN. Those first three albums of his were definetly minor masterpieces forgotton only by his true die hard fans. Thanx again for the listen Peace

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Good to see Pezband mentioned. Great power pop band from the Chicago area. Singer Mimi Bettinas went on to front On Broadway, another great band from the midwest (still gigging and sounding great, but w/out Mimi I believe). And while we're at it (talking about long lost and loved pop bands from the late 70s) let's not forget the Shoes (again, from the midwest - must be something in the, ah, water as they say) and the Scruffs from Memphis. And, finally, a real gem of an artist named Van Duren. His 'Are U Serious' from the late 70s is a must have for any pop devotee.


Bob Allen

Syracuse, NY

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