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D I A N E !!!


You deserve the happiest birthday that could ever be had! You're the most adorable, neatest, sweetest, best friend anyone could ever have!

Wishing you lollipops, rainbows, love, luck and Raspberries on your special day and all year through, and especially, Diane, every one of your dreams come true!

smile --Love, Dar

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Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes !

You have no idea how special everyone is to me. Each and everyone of you have touched a special place in my heart. I love you guys !!

I made a birthday wish today and everyone on this board was included......we all know what that wish was !! wink

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Happy belated birthday wishes! Sorry I neglected to post this on the 17th... but at least I'll remember my dad's birthday (today). Hope you had a great one, my friend. I loved getting to know you via e-mail and sitting next to you while we enjoyed the heck out of that 'berries show in October 2007. I always think of you when that show pops into my head.

Best wishes,


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As Eric Carmen/Raspberries fans, the members of this board tend to equate their musical memories of the group as significant mileposts in their lives; i.e. "The first time I heard Go All The Way, I was in high school" or "I remember the first time I saw Eric on T.V., I was sitting in my bed as a 12 year old", etc...

Well, I'm no different...my most significant date in Raspberries "history" was July 23, 2005...Many of you remember this as the defining moment in your concert experiences-The night you saw the band at B.B. Kings in New York...But for me, my calender switched from B.C to A.D. that evening...Before concert/After Diane...That's the day I first met her...From that night on, I knew that I had met a special person in my life...For the next 3+ years, her friendship has been an invaluable asset in re-shaping and re-focusing my entire outlook...She has made me believe in myself at a time when I was feeling especially vulnerable...With her help, although I was alone, I never felt lonely, although I was unhappy, I never felt sad and though I was broke, I never felt broken..I have her to thank for this...

To paraphrase a famous author, " a person should look forward to the darkest hour in their life, for it is at that time that you can see the stars"...I'm taking this opportunity to thank mine...

For those of us that consider her a special friend, the sentiment behind this post is obvious...But for those of you that have never met Diane, go out of your way to get to know her, even in just the most miniscule way, for the smallest slice of Diane, is worth the biggest chunk of almost anybody else...Take my advice...I may joke around alot, but I've never been more serious...Make her a part of your life...You wont regret it...

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