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What is your definition or idea of "genius"


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We have all experienced what we consider "genius" particularly in regards to music. What is your idea of what qualifies for that?

My definition might include "infinite innovation". I stole that from someone and I am not sure from where but I do think it is quite fitting.

When I think of the Beatles...this comes to mind. Weren't they infinitely reinventing themselves? Just when they hit a certain groove and people attempted to vaguely copy them they came out with something different but very very good. Obviously John and Paul and to some extent George were very good at going in new directions and doing it very effectively.

Didn't Edison say that genius was 10% inspiration and 90% prespiration? Or at least something like that. Now he had a big task of practical creation of hands on things....Oh like the light bulb, phonograph, movie projector, and other minor inventions.. But I do believe music is applicable here as well.

Eric, perhaps you have some insights on all of this. What is it that connects in your mind when you hear it that..."Ahh hah, now that is something that truely falls in the genius category? And anyone else as well???


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Genius describes one who is so unique in his/her application of self to everything and who has so high an intellectual capacity that he/she views things from a totally unique and stratospherically high plane compared to most of the people on earth. There are a great many who are very accomplished, even dazzling at something, but a true genius is so good that few, if any, can compare to his/her achievement level.

Mozart and Beethoven were geniuses. Not every composer, no matter how wonderful or how beautiful his/her music, is a literal giant in musical history. They were. So was Bach.

Even scoring in the 200s on intelligence tests doesn't mean true genius, although it usually guarantees that the high scorer sees things from a much loftier plane than most people.

A uniqueness (also characterized by a native intelligence,which is the ability to excell amazingly in virtually ANY and every field) that puts his/her own brand or way of doing something that can't be compared to anyone else is the hallmark of genius.

We often call those who excel in one field a genius, but true genius cuts across every field: music, philosophy, art, literature, poetry and mathematics--the great cornerstones of knowledge.

That's because the genius sees things in a totally differnt light and thinks totally differently than the rest of mankind. They approach everything in a unique way that is usually foreign to the rest of us.

Because the word is so frequently used, it's lost much of its original meaning, the root word of which comes from the word "genie," likened to one who will "show the way" to mankind.

I think Eric is a modern-day Mozart. His music, like Mozart's, has an incredible architecture. And anyone who has read his threads or spoken to him (on any subject!) has seen his intellect at work.

smile --Darlene

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To me, I don't think that genius need require a high intelligence. It's something innate, something that happens within that is a gift that the person knows how to use in a completely unique way than others. It's something they instinctively feel and know to be right for them.

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Another Genius...My Idol, James Dean. LuvLove

Interesting quotes about him:

"Without James Dean, the Beatles would have never existed." --- John Lennon

"James Dean was a genius." ---Elvis Presley

"All of us were touched by Jimmy, and he was touched by greatness." --- Natalie Wood

“…The ability to push the expression of one's art to the limit without losing one's head, without going nuts, and James Dean came frighteningly close to the border line…Brilliant example of what can be achieved through improvisation, an intuitive step…â€

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Einstein, Hawking, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Beethoven, Da Vinci,

Shakespeare, Michaelangelo, Jefferson, Franklin, Edison, Darwin, Leibniz, Spinoza, Rachmaninoff, Lincoln, Galileo, Newton.......

Sorry, I can't put rock bands in the same category as these guys.

Well, I wouldn't either...but you know what we mean.
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Einstein blows my mind. The equations he came up with (by hand!), his theories (too many to list), his predictions ( ex.- time slows down during space travel)= GENIUS smart

Even today, holding the theory of relativity in hand, there are only a few people who could possibly hope to figure it out. Einstein defined genius.

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