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From the Snow Capital of the USA...Rockford, IL


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I just cannot take this anymore!!!

Minneapolis, MN has had @@" of snow this winter....-14" below normal

Here in beautiful stateline Rockford/Beloit we have as of now 57" which is +33" above normal.

Tonight we are told to expect 6" of snow!!!




Please let us know!!! We will send collect money for a fund to send you Raspberries, Richard Thompson, Sonny Geraci, whoever ....just stop our snow!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the Sam Kinison rant but this is stressful!!!!

Ha Ha


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Sterling, Marvin's area is practicing some sort of voodoo, which explains all the white stuff the rest of Canada and a lot of North America has had.

We're due for 4" tomorrow (10 cm. to please the stupid Canadian government on it's metric quest.)

Last night I darn near froze my hands off 'cause we haven't really needed mitts or gloves here for 20 years! It was a three minute walk back to the house, and about sero on the Fahrenheit scale.

I don't really believe in global warming. I think it's more a cyclical phenomenon, because our parents experienced some real doozies of hot summers and snowy winters in the 1930's and 1940's.

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James, darling I was just in our pool, the skies were clear and blue and the high was 78 with a nice breeze.

I did spill my mojito a little but it was refreshing.

Tonight it will be down to 65 degrees.... brrrr

Southerners don't need frigid weather to harden us, we are muy caliente by nature. wink

The coconuts do need to be trimmed, any volunteers? :P

Maybe you like Shoveling snow and scraping ice, not me!

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Phil, the answer is to move away - far away. My last winter in CT we had 21" of snow in 8 days and I said to Ruthie "we are outta here as soon as possible." That was 6 years ago. Best move we ever made.

It has been in the 70s for almost a full week (down from the 80s) in Central Florida and remember, ya don't have to shovel the heat. We will never leave here.

I was in Minnesota last week and all I can say is OMG.

Come on down, Phil. I'll keep a light on for ya!

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I love Florida.

As a kid, we lived in Naples, FL during the summers. My Dad, brother and sister live in Naples now..and I travel there 3-4 times/year.

There's not too many things in life better than landing in Tampa, Ft. Myers etc, walking out the airport doorway, and getting that first wiff/feel of the Florida air..

But you guys are still soft..


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I'd take the snow right now! We've had freezing rain and snow for almost 24 hours and I'm starting to have flashbacks to last year when we were without power for 13 days. Have moved my car to a neighbor's driveway where it is out of danger from potential huge falling limbs and trees. Holding my breath over a couple of trees in my yard...hope they stay standing!


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The days of my youth in Montreal where a heavy snowfall happened every couple days in the winter, are fading into my memory. Thankfully. We moved to Calgary in 1998, and I think that every one of our Mtl winters exceeded the total amount of snow we've received in the 10 years that we've been here.

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I spent the summers of my youth in Florida, and the summers now are far hotter and more humid. Many Floridians have 2nd homes in NC and go there in the summer to escape the heat.

I'd rather have the cold/snow than heat/humidity, but the South sure is pretty in December!!


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Yes so far all things considered we have truly been blessed up here...our summers are progressively getting warmer ...at one time if we were lucky we would have one summer day that was over 100 but now we have weeks of hot weather and then just comfy weather because we are by Lake Superior one of the freshest bodies of water on the earth. We can actually still swim here...not so polluted ...yet. Sometimes I don't think the people where we live realize just how fortunate we are...we don't ever really deal with floods, because we are surrounded by what is known as the "NorWester" Mountain range we don't experience tornados and we are of course too far north and inland to ever experience a hurricane. So yes, we might have a couple of weeks of frigid weather...but having real snow at Christmas is worth it along with all the other blessings we have thus far, never had to contend with...gosh I cried for those people who went through Katrina!

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Oh, guess what's happening tonight and tomorrow around Lake Ontario!

No, not 89 with sunshine and high humidity!

Really sheltered sometimes by Lake Ontario if the tekmps stay warm, but this year, we are SOL. Four to six inches, and zero F?

Three years ago I used to brag to people that we were in a sheltered area and missed a lot of the snow action. Now I think Southern Ontario is getting to be more like Buffalo and Tonawanda!

My father never saw many snowflakes until he came here at age 11 from Ireland, and there's the occasional palm tree on the furthest Southern shore there. Oh my...

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