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Kumiko. if you only knew what the custoduial father and the kids didn't give me, you'd want to go back in time.

I give them money; their income exceeds mine by far. No cards, no cake no presents. Their father is threatening to keep me from seeing them for me telling them not to be impolite on the phone.

One rather hastily home made card by my 14-year-old daughter.

Now, I will be going to a lawyer to have the man put in his place. He has a lot to explain about an unreported large inheritance ON THE BARRELHEAD, and not reporting illicit income. He is under Disability support law.

I bought myself a cake.

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Well, the family promised to make things up to me, but ya know, it really is special when things are on time. Well, at least they apologized, I'm not arthritic or anything, and the apartment didn't burn down yet, so I'm fairly well-off!

Great company, too. Their cat's little daughter keeps me company and wipes tears away, scares off window sill pigeons and warms my back.

Thanks for the well wishes. Any blues I feel are likely due to the crazy weather more than anything else. And we all feel a bit of that right now.

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Prettymom! I also exprienced my awful birthday 2 years ago same as you frown

My husband and two daughters forgot my birthday!

To things matters worse,even if my husband let me bring his cell phone,which he had left at home,to his office,he still didn't noticed it was my birthday on that day!!!

I was extremely sad on that day....,so I feel the same way.

But forget it! Please be happy!!!

Again,Happy Birthday Prettymom!!! LuvLove

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Thanks! The fire extinguisher came in very handy ofr getting the candles blown out! haha

It really wasn't a great one for several reasons, but at least, although belated, I made the best of it. My son bought me mauve nail polish. He's been seen in the make-up section of the local drug store a lot lately, and we're getting a bit worried.

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