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My top ten shows of the 60s.......


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#1 Shindig [No explanation needed] I will include all the great music shows of the decade...Where The Action Is...Hullabloo...etc.

#2 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

#3 The Monkees

#4 The Andy Griffith Show..Barney...Aunt Bee...Floyd...my GOD! what a cast.

#5 The Beverly Hillbillies...the greatest character ever...Jethro Bodine

#6 The Dick Van Dyke Show...just for Mary Tyler Moore in capri pants.

#7 Room 222

#8 The Mod Squad

#9 Twilight Zone

#10 Outer Limits

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Like Letterman's top ten list..here goes.....

#10 The Munsters

#9 I Dream of Jeanie (Barbara Eden Booyahs)

#8 The Monkees

#7 Addams Family (Thing Rules)

#6 Hogan's Heroes (Who knew Bob Crane was wild)

#5 Batman (Holy Raspberries Batman)

#4 Dick Van Dyke Show (Booyah MTM.....whew)

#3 The Twilight Zone

#2 Ernie Kovacs' ABC monthly specials (Sheer genius)


The Ed Sullivan Show.



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Just off the top of my head; those burned deepest in my memory:

10. Bonanza

9. The Monkees

8. Laugh-In

7. Beverly Hillbillies

6. Captain Nice

5. Star Trek

4. Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure

3. Moby Dick & the Mighty Mightor

2. The Herculoids

1. Saaaaaaace Ghoooooost... laugh

(Can't help including the cartoons; they were there at my most formative years... laugh )

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Ahhh good quality programming back then - when they actually recorded more than 8 episodes in a year - they did like 22! I'll watch those shows above rather than reality tv that's on now! I'm sure Eric and the band were too busy to watch tv like us, but I wonder what their favorites were?

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The Wild,Wild West(not the stupid movie,the TV show with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin).Great show!Also cannot leave out a very special show...The Prisoner.Only 17 episodes,but what an influential show,ahead of it's time.

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