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Yet another reunion


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Saw this on www.melodicrock.com. Kinda interesting, although like Queen+Paul Rodgers, only a semi-reunion:

"Dubbed the New Police, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland are in the midst of reforming two-thirds of the once supergroup with bassist/singer Tony Lewis from another popular trio, The Outfield. Over the years much has been written about the similarities of the two groups, especially Lewis' dead-ringer voice for former Police singer/bassist, Sting."

They've tried this before. Animal Logic was supposed to be a 2/3 Police reunion combining Summers and Copeland with jazz bassist Stanley Clarke and vocalist Deborah Holland. Summers dropped out and the band carried on as a trio with session guitarists, scoring a hit with "Spy in the House of Love."

Now the New Police. Comments anyone?

Digging out from the PA snow,


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It would be hard to truly have the Police without any Sting songs, as he was the primary singer and songwriter. That Outfield guy has pretty much the same singing range and approach as Sting....but still, this is much like Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

As for the Heads, they made some bad decisions in making that one album. For one thing, nobody really has any strong songwriting skills. Second,

they relied too much on guest help on the album. So no wonder.

However, as a live act, the Heads are solid. And Jerry Harrison does excellent---you don't really miss Byrne not being there. But the lack of songwriting is what is hurting the Heads.

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This just in from www.melodicrock.com:


A few weeks back rumor swept the Internet of a possible project, dubbed the New Police featuring Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland with Outfield vocalist Tony Lewis.

Although it wasn't ever confirmed, I didn't see a denial either. I made contact with Outfield's management and got a reply back today. It reads: "No truth to that rumour whatsoever. It would be great if you could set the record straight for us. When I mentioned it to Tony Lewis, his comment was, "I'm already in the best band on the planet."

More good news of Outfield fans - the band will be releasing a live CD this spring, and the guys are in talks w/agent & promoters for a possible Play Deep - Anniversary Tour for sometime in 2005-2006.


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