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Your fave TV program,show,etc?

Carmen Smalley

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I love the British mysteries on PBS--WGBH in Boston as well as Channel 13 Public Television--as in Masterpiece Theatre. Their presentations are amazing. I love "Mystery!" on those channels. The latest was a Sherlock Holmes--with Rupert Everett, who replaced Jeremy Brett, whom I loved in the role.

I love Inspectors Lynley, Frost, Morse, et al. I LOVE Robbie Coltrane, especially in the role of "Fitz." My old loves were the Agatha Christie mysteries, especially the beautiful and funny Francesca Annis as Tuppence in "Partners in Crime." And I ADORE Ian McShane, especially as "Lovejoy."

I love A & E and Bill Kurtis' documentaries.

Just for pure, mindless entertainment, Nip Tuck, which really is racy but funny as can be, and "Rescue Me" purely for Denis Leary. Actually, he writes the show and his writing and acting (and the acting of the rest of the cast) is brilliantly innovative.

Of course, my faves are orchestra and solo performances. I even like Andre Rieu and his perpetual smile. smile

smile --Darlene

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What you said Carmen wink

And also: American Experience, Frontline, much that's on the History Channel, Ohio State Buckeye and/or TCU Horned Frog football or basketball, Hogan's Heroes, Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, talks by Father Corapi and Bishop Fulton Sheen (shown on EWTN).

Oh, and...: Any news forum where Hillary eek or Maureen Dowd eek are guests.

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I love Mythbusters. Watch it all the time. My schedule doesn't allow me to watch anything regularly but I do watch ER, and Cold Case Files on A&E, and Forensic Files and shows like that on Court TV. I usually listen to Countdown with Keith Obermann on MSNBC as I fall asleep. Gotta love playing "Oddball"!!!

ps-Julia I used to watch Land of the Lost all the time on Saturdays!

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In no particular order:

King Of Queens

Curb Your Enthusiam


Six Feet Under (even though it just ended it's run)

......and if I didn't get flamed already, yeah, my daughter and I are the two people in America who still watch "Joey". Don't know why, but I really find it funny. It's just so dumb, it's funny.

My favorite show of all time was "The Larry Sanders Show" which is killing me that only season one has come out on DVD so far. I have every (89) episode videotaped from television, but they have commericals and are censored beyond belief.

However, ANY show that decides to put the Raspberries on it will become my immediate favorite show. Hear that ratings people?

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LOST - unlike anything on TV. I can't wait to see what happens next...every week!

THE O'REILLY FACTOR - If O'Reilly was President, imagine how things would get DONE in America!

BOSTON PUBLIC - A smart-ass mix of nutty lawyers and gritty David E Kelly written courtroom dramedy.

EBERT & ROPER - O'Reilly style debates on the new movies. Ebert is too easy, Roper is a fine Siskel replacement.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - I missed most of the 1st season. But this show is fun.

MY NAME IS EARL - Not quite sure it will keep me watching, but the first few episodes were dirtbag fuuuuuuuunnny.

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With the advent of TiVo it is much easier to 'sample' various shows but the ones on the "I/WE gotta watch without fail" list are:

Two and a Half Men


Boston Legal

Law and Order (all of the spin-offs)

CSI (all of the spin-offs)

Grey's Anatomy

Crossing Jordan (much improved)

We're still trying to adapt to My name is Earl. It has some very funny moments but is very quirky.

Others include:


That 70's Show


Without A Trace

Cold Case

TiVo is an awesome product. Once you get one you'll be hooked.


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Favorite show of all time, probably Life Goes On Life Goes On. Great scripts and wonderful acting.

The recent passing of Mugsy from The Uncle Floyd Show, reminded me how much I enjoyed that show.

Current shows -- Law & Order SVU. Used to LOVE regular Law & Order, (if only to hear Jerry Orbach deliver a wisecrack. He is surely missed), but Dennis Farina & Annie Parisi just don't seem to add anything to the show.

Get Smart & Mary Tyler Moore are classics.

Even though it set the Women's Movement back a hundred years, The Man Show with original hosts Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel is so sick, that I can't help but double over laughing.

Watching Marie and Frank Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond is like spending an afternoon with my in-laws. The best part about it though is that I can turn the sound down or know that they'll be gone in 1/2 hour.

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