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For a moment or 2 when I was reading Marvin's exciting inside reports, I thought to myself that someone who didn't know how cool Marvin was, might think he was kind of bragging. But I knew that was really their problem, not Marvin's.

And we have all been telling Marvin that in our posts and e-mails. So now we know Marvin is cool AND sensitive.

Suck it up Marvin! An aspiring writer/reporter with your talent needs to understand that the few jealous critic's social short-commings should not stand in the way of the wonderful information you gave to the starving EC.com masses with your reports.

Since I can't spend the time to read all the fun posts on EC.com anymore, Me, and I'm sure others, were relying more on Marvin's detailed inside reports on the dream concerts and sound checks and visits to "Wally World" than ever before.

So in the future, the only excuses for Marvin taking a leave of absence from the board are:

1. He gets a real day job that monitors internet dilly-dallying

2. The wife starts withholding sex as punishment.

3. The kids call Marvin during his L.A. HOB Berries concert trip and ask if the repairman was going to be their new daddy... mad

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Welcome back. As you can see, you have many friends here, so don't let a jerk or two get to you. Even though I only met you once at the concert in November, and also at breakfast (I was there when you gave Tiggssherby that pick), my wife and I feel like we know you. When you were telling us your story of Thanksgiving with the Bryson family, I could see the excitement and passion. It was genuine and I was so happy for you, knowing that you're one of the biggest Berry fans - you deserved it. Your posts are insightful and I look forward to them. In fact, I seek them out and make it a point to always read yours. Keep it up. I hope we can meet you again some day, as well as the other fine folks on this board. Take care.

Oh, and by the way....Philly 27, NE 21.

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It's just too bad that those nasty emails to Marvin were coming from Bernie and Eric himself..

It just so happens that Marvin knows more about the Berries than they know about themselves. After years on tour with enough sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to cause severe cortex damage, Marvin still monitored their careers every step of the way. He can probably tell them what chords they played on each song, where they were April 21st, 1971, what they ate for dinner, etc... Eric was starting to worry.... laugh

Seriously - Don't worry about other people's jealous or petty feelings Marvin, just do what you think is right. That's the advice you'd give to your kids, right?

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