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I think the funeral is premature. And Marvin's dream certainly isn't over. I would say all of Marvin's dreams have come true since November 26th! He's been in constant contact with people in the band and their wives and families, by phone and e-mail. Does that sound like any dream has ever been over???? The truth is that Marvin is a strong personality, and I think someone was less than kind to him in a personal e-mail. Nothing happened from the board to upset him, as far as I know, and I think someone privately just hurt his feelings. Period. That's all. Marvin isn't the type to just go off forever. People have all types of personalities. What some people think is zealous and/or opinionated, some see as pushy or self-serving. Who did what to Marvin, I don't know, but knowing people in general, someone probably hurt his feelings. He'll be back, if I know Marvin, and I'm sure this is just temporary. Maybe he's just taking some time to regroup. Raspberries-mania has heightened everyone's responses to everything lately. Not to worry, he'll be back.

smile --Darlene wink

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I agree that Marvin will be back. Most likely it is a case of Raspberryitis = an overdose of Raspberries, in which a person spends every waking moment thinking about Raspberries and ignores every other aspect of their life. Just to read every post on this website takes hours, and then if you want to post or chat or go to raspberries.net...well there you go! That's your whole life! So Marvin is doing the right thing - taking a break, getting his life in order. Kinda like what happens with me and my apartment every few weeks - little by little the place begins to look like a tornado hit it - and its time to take care of business.


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oh, Darlene, I hope you're wrong...I like to think that we're all a bunch of intelligent, sensitive and mature fans who have "graduated from high school" and left jealousy of any sort behind.

I'm happy to live through marvin's experiences and it's generosity on his part to share. Not just anyone would, either.

If you're right and someone's starting up with Marvin, I'm calling *him/her* out on the playground at recess for an a** kicking. angryangryangryarrgh

annie <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />

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Hello to everyone. I never thought that staying away from this Message Board would be as difficult as it has been, but I guess that I should have expected as much since I had made it an integral part of my life for so long. For those of you who don't know my wife Kristy, she carries herself with a grace and wisdom that I can only dream of reaching one day. We have talked extensively about my decision to stop posting, and though she believes that I made the decision that was right for me, she also feels that no good is coming out of staying silent. Thus my reason for this message.

Everything starts with this passion that I have held in my heart for the music of the Raspberries. I know that some of you are probably sick of me mentioning this over and over, even Kristy doesn't fully understand why this music has touched me like none other before or why at times it becomes all-consuming. I would guess that the band members also find it inconceivable that someone could be so absurdly passionate about their music. Passion is a beautiful thing, but as I'm finding out, it means something different to each person.

When the reunion was announced, a part of me finally became complete. It was something that I had dreamed about for years, and so I was determined to do all I could to make it special. Along the way something magical happened to me: I was blessed to have been brought into a circle that included Kay and Wally, Dave Smalley,

Jennifer Lee, Billy Sullivan, Paul Sidoti, and Scott McCarl, among others. Thirty-two years ago could that 13 year old boy whose entire musical life revolved around the Raspberries have ever imagined this happening to him? Never in a million years.

For the last four months I've done everything I can to bring this wonderful music to the masses, to let everyone else know that Raspberries are the greatest band to never 'make it', basically reaching out to anyone that I could, and doing my part to spread the word. If it seemed like I was going overboard, in my heart I believed it was all being done for the good of the cause. When I received information, as long as it was not private (and if it had the blessings of the sender), I was more than happy to share it with other fans.

I truly believed that what I was doing was something everyone appreciated. Recently things have taken a strange turn. Among other things, I've been told that I "flaunt" the connections that I have made, that I "weasel" my way to get backstage, and that I "do things for the glory of Marvin." These accusations have both surprised and hurt me, and as a result have made me very sensitive as to how I am perceived by the fans and the band. I find myself questioning if I did something that I should not have done, or wondering if I offended someone and did not realize it. If this did happen, please know that any such action was not done consciously. If I've appeared to be doing things selfishly, this certainly was never my intention.

Since I made the decision to stay off the Message Board, I've received a number of messages from fellow board members and people connected with the band who've expressed concern. To say that I've been moved by this outpouring would be an understatement. I thank each and every one of you who took the time to send me a message. Part of me says that I don't need to explain my actions to anyone, but another part of me feels badly for abandoning friends without offering an explanation. The music of the Raspberries has helped me forge friendships that I know in some cases will likely outlive the band, and for that I will always be grateful.

Through all of this, it is the music of the Raspberries that I've tried to glorify. That's all, nothing else. I have no doubt that in time this hurt will subside and I will do what I can to make amends with those who have a problem with me. If you're one of those people, send me a note, give me a call and let's talk. In the end, it's the music and friendships that matter most to me.

Thank you for reading, and take care.


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Marvin, you've become one of my best friends on the board, and to see you posting again brings joy to my heart. I CANNOT IMAGINE how anyone could take offense at your actions. Many band members and those involved with the band have taken you in with loving hearts, and if they don't have a problem with you, I can't imagine who would. I'll bet we never hear from that person who thinks you're flaunting, weasling, and selfish. You've been nothing but generous to me and so many others. I'm so glad you're back, my good friend!


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Marvin, I don't think your a weasel.

It's normal to try to get backsatge.

What is your fav wifes musician, Neil Diamond, Or such.

I like Neil Diamond, Trying to get backstage is a great thing, I would have liked it.

Marvin, your great to everyone on here.

I hope more of what I have read by others and on coming fans will think so too.

You can cut down down on coming on here, but, you cannot quit, ok

Now, I would like to to know and I bet others would like to know, who called who a weasel.

That would tick me off too.

Jealousy. That's all.

Your not selfish, look at the REFLECTIONS 1 AND 2 you submitted, we here are very greatful for that, we are a part of that.

You are a part of us.

Now, the group members have a part of us, in their homes, I hope any ways and not the garbage.

You take care of yourself.


lot's of friendship hugs Marvin.

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Marvin glad your back. Sorry you were hurt but just because one or two feels like that doesn't mean we all do. You have many friends here, remember that. You have done nothing wrong here that you need to feel like you have to stay away. The overwhelming majority here are your friends, don't let a few keep you away. I hope you'll come back.

June happy

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Marvin, Marvin, Marvin ~ it's so GOOD to have you back!! I'm upset by your post and beg you not to take any notice of any hurtful comments that someone has made to you. You know that we all love you here, for who you are and for what you do regarding Eric/Raspberries. Rise above it and stay here among your friends. Welcome back and I give you a big hug, too!! We've missed you!

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Marvin my friend - WELCOME BACK! spinspin

I am so sorry you had to be second guessed by those who don't know you but chose to judge you anyway.

I know I don't speak for everyone but I am certain I speak for most when I say I absolutely looked forward to your next post about your experiences with the band.

Your passion and enthusiasm for The Raspberries is a joy to behold. When you would relate your experiences with, the band members, their families, magazine editors, music critics and countless others, I was enthralled with all the information. I admire your zeal. You remind me of me when I was younger. I have been descibed, affectionately, as "...like a dog with a bone..."

What some wish to call flaunting, I call sharing. What some wish to call weaseling I call dedication to the passion. I find name calling to be childish and unacceptable behavior.

I am so happy you have explained your absence and I am assuming your post was not merely a one time post.

Perhaps a private list of names of those that want to experience the excitement through your words might be an option - kind of like a newsletter containing Marv's Musings .

Thanks for posting. I support you 100%


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Ok---who jumped on Marv?? I know yall yankees thinks its cool to talk nasty to folks, but you best be appologizin' to the Marv Man. I figure sooner or later I'm gonna find out who it was, then I'll handle one of two ways.

1- The possum smellin' scoundrel will show up at the Orlando HOB show (oh yes there will be one) and I'll smack him on the head so hard he'll have to unzip to spit.

2- I'll sign him up to every Britney Spears news letter I can find so he gets Britney stuff 76 times a day ---everyday

I mean just because Marvin has to hide the fact that he owns 28 copies of Winter Dreams, and actually suggested canned drums to Eric, is no reason not to treat him with respect that is owed to one who probally put more effort into making the reunion a success than anyone else I know.

Come on back Marv---why would you deny the many who enjoy and look forward to your post and give the satisfaction to some jerk off who probably just wanted to add attention to themselves?

Most importantly---do you really want to leave Catmill free to say all that junk about you?


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Hey Marvin,

I don't really know you but have read all of your posts leading upto and after the reunion concert and I think your stories have been totally cool and insightful and not bragadocious at all.(I probably spelled bragadocious wrong).

If I was in your shoes I would be much less of a gentleman than you are being about those kinds of accusations. This person is obviously green and can't stand the fact that you were treated so great by the band. So screw him or her and enjoy your moment in the snow.

Being the type of person that I am who usually reacts too quickly to situations sometimes

I probably would have lowered my self to calling names like D--khead,dou-hebag,scumbag,etc...

Don't sweat the small stuff who cares what this person thinks.In fact you should out them on the board and let them get some ridicule.

later Stu

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Marvin -

I will brag about myself for a moment and tell all y'all that I consider myself to be an insightful person and a great judge of character.

If I thought for a SECOND that you or anyone else was "flaunting" something to deliberately torture us or to "glorify Marvin" I would have called you on it in a NY minute. Whomever wrote such crap to you is flat out wrong and owes you a serious apology.

You're a gentleman for not naming names - I agree 100% with Stu - I would be so inclined for a very public outing of the infidel.

They owe US - the board members - an apology for almost denying us a true friend. I'll take their disappearance from this board in lieu of an apology.

Harry, Leff't Home - the playground is calling and I'm bringing the brass knuckles.

Listen to US, marvin...we're the ones who want you here and we're the ones whose opinions count.

love ya bunches......


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Marvin, remember something. There is reality, and perception of reality. I think I have grown to know you quickly, as we all have, through personal conversation, and this board, and I know you mean promote nothing but pure fun and joy with the music and even the people, but not "flaunting", like some ego maniac. If everyone perceived you as "flaunting", then maybe you would need to take a step back, and assess. But, it is being thrown to you by only one or a few. Your enthusiasm is more innocent like a child, than in some manipulating, self serving, smeaky way. How else do you really benefit, except but to be part of the passion of the music, and your desire to promote it? Are you trying to take away money, power, or fame from anyone, by trying to communicate, and interact with the enviornment of this group that you love, and has surfaced as real, regular, and very nice people? The answer is, you're not. I am not condeming the one(s) that may have attacked Marvin, because i am sure you have your reasone for your feelings, and, they are valid for you. I just ask you to maybe step back, and look outside of the box -- the big picture. What good is this all leading to? Nothing. The reality is, he just loves the Raspberries -- plain and simple. The perception of a small minority may feel otherwise, but I ask you, on Marvins' behalf, to step back, and maybe try to work out the feelings with him. I am sure he would only want to make everyone content.

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I personally don't think he should "out" the person who accused him of this. As long as it didn't happen right out in the open on the forum, it should be between Marvin and who ever the accuser is. As Jeff just stated above, the whole situation shouldn't deny Marvin's place here. Next to Bernie, I feel Marvin is our biggest informant about the band. Marvin , you can come out of the "Raspberries Witness Protection Program" now!


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I'm a newbie on this site so you can take what I say with a grain of salt.

It would seem to me that this is a public board and there for, does not require a license or IQ test to post.

Now that being said it seems that by reading all the post in your favor on here that most of the posters think your a good guy.

Now why would you let what someone says to you change the way you think and how you feel about the board and the people on the board.

There will always be people who knock others for what they have.

That doesn't mean you should give up what you have to make them happy. If someone doesn't like the relationships you have here .........well oh well ..........10 or 15 years they will get over it.

Life is to short and your to well liked from the looks of it to walk away from your friends.

My 2 cents


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Marvin-I am glad that you posted and gave your side. I have never felt that you were bragging or doing anything for your own glory. I truly feel that you are the most knowlegeable, well written, and honest person on the board. I know that many of us, when we are able to realize our dream and be able to hear or meet any of the band members, are thrilled for the other person. I hope that whoever hurt your feelings feels badly that they drove you from the board, but I tend to doubt that they do. Please realize that there are many more of us who do appreciate you and your contributions to the board, and hope that the hurt will lessen and you will come back.

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You have been a great contributor to this website for a long, long time, and it would not be the same without you. Why let the criticisms of one or two people prevent you from doing what you want to do? You have just as much right to be involved as anyone else. It's OK if people have negative opinions from time to time - that doesn't mean they are right. Take time to think about it - I think after reading our posts that you'll be back.


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