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Marvin's passion/love/enthusiasm for the band is boundless. Because of that passion I am suprememely confident he will return - - at some point. Let's give him time to sort out whatever the issue(s) might be.

Until then, "we miss ya man", don't stay away too long.


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Well, about "Winter Dreams" ... look, I think I've never hidden the fact that I've always preferred Raspberries' music to Eric's solo stuff ....

However, Eric can redeem himself if he does a PROPER rendition of "Walk Away Renee" at one of the Raspberries shows ... one with REAL drums this time, please! I'm sorry, but he massacred that song ... which really depressed me because his voice sounds soooo much like the lead singer of Left Banke that I had always hoped to hear him singing either that or "Pretty Ballerina" one day.

Gord, if you're asking me for a date (versus the Canadian Michelle) ... uh, I'm not sure my husband would approve.

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Michele, I agree with your observation of "Walk Away Rene." As a former drummer I was appalled (ok, disappointed grumpy is a better word) at the use of the drum machine but what has always nagged at me is the very end of the song there is a strange electronic 'screech' (for want of a better word) that should not have been on the final cut. With Eric being such a perfectionist I am surprised eek he missed it or let it go - or is it only on my CD?


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Opinions on this thread:

Canadians. Great. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

Eric's Walk Away Renee. Don't love it. For same reasons Razzmichi said. I wanted to, but I didn't. Yes, he could redeem himself by doing with the boys in concert the RIGHT way with REAL instruments. Or by recording it with some REAL instruments. Dear Lord, give us an oboe solo or something! Not this canned stuff. Darling Eric, please understand that the invention of the synthesizer was not God's way of telling you that you no longer had to deal with the egos of other musicians. It really IS worth going out and getting some live people to play on your stuff...not just Wally but other guys too...you will know when you have the sound you want, just like you did on BOATS...which actually had instruments on it other than synths (not to mention other guys PLAYING the synths) and it made a difference. Please...

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Yeah the Electric Prunes got me moving ok.....they set me free!!!


Left Banke sang Walk Away Renee and Pretty Ballerina...

Electric Prunes did "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"

and Keith did...."98.6"

Then them Beach Boys came on and LOOK OUT! They had not written "I Can Hear Music" yet and I think Eric and the boys could do a great job with that one!!


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