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So, I'm just surfin' the net....

Eric Carmen

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....minding my own business. I'm looking for a little back-up for the story about Michael Connell, Bush/ Rove's IT guru, who recently died in a mysterious plane crash, just before he was about to testify in a lawsuit regarding vote tampering in the 2004 Presidential election (it seems some Ohio votes were re-routed to a computer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they somehow changed from Kerry votes to Bush votes, and then were re-routed back to Ohio for tabulation)....

...and I stumble across THIS!


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The "official story" is that Brown was simply killed in a very unfortunate plane crash, along with the other 33 people on board.

End of story. "Bad weather" "pilot error", all the usual causes.

I remember reading about it when it happened, and I seem to recall there were a few question being asked, but the story disappeared pretty quickly.

When I finished reading a few stories about the Ron Brown crash, I moved on to one about Paul Wellstone, probably Bush's biggest critic in the Senate, in a similar incident.

That's another whole can of worms.

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You know what irks me about all the mystery deaths above and others of their ilk? (Hey, I just used "irk" and "ilk" in the same sentence! Not bad!) Anyway, what irks me is the media. Where is it? I'm with Paulie. Where's the cynicism that puts the hottest-shot reporters from the most well-funded media groups on the trail of suspicious news? Where are the new Woodwards and Bernsteins? How can certain plane crashes be covered ad nauseum, with no stone left unturned, while the Ron Brown crash gets swept under the carpet?

There are way more unknowns than there should be. So why do the tough questions that appear in the links Eric posted above end up on sites like whatreallyhappened.com instead of CNN, NYTimes, Fox, NBC, etc? Are there payoffs? Threats? Coverups? Is the First Amendment still valid?

America's founding fathers laid it out:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

These are serious stories that, at worst, could possibly involve murder, cover-ups, abuse of power, and all kinds of other high-level crimes. (Well, I guess the "abuse of power" is a given, regardless....) Or maybe it's all coincidence. But if it is, there should have been instant answers provided to tough questions.

I wonder what percentage of Americans truly trust our national media -- and our government.

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Much as it pains me to say so, my suspiscion is that were Nixon to have been a Democrat, the press never fully investigates Watergate...

We had already begun down the path to "making a difference", rather than "reporting the facts" with the concept of news-reporting... I was a few years too late to be trained in jouralistic integrity without realizing that what the textbooks said at the time did not equate with the practices that were going on...

So we have one hand washing the other, give 'n take via quid-pro-quo, turning a blind eye to the truth, seeing and saying what ain't so...

He EC... might be time for a remake/remix of "Lost In The Shuffle"... laugh

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Of all of these "accidents" involving planes that have been mentioned the one with Connell is the most suspicious. I mean here is a guy that was involved in a very questionable web of voter fraud. He was recently scheduled to testify. He was a pilot and was warned not to fly. He even declined to fly a few times because he suspected tampering with his plane. Unfortunately he flew into Akron and did not make it. I was listening to a radio talk program where they said you can down a plane by simply placing a magnet on the back side of the instrument panel and it will totally screw up the plane. Then when it crashes the NTSB investigating it will not find it.

This is very depressing if there is any thruth to it. Man, I hope there is not.


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I’m reading about Senator Paul Wellstone case,

And (as always) I’d say…

you goes straight to the point!

Right now, I’m reading these lines:

“It should be remembered that Wellstone also was the chairman of the new securities reform committee. And it was Wellstone who was attempting to block the nomination of the notorious William Webster, former CIA and FBI head and the Best Friend of Big Business and the Big Accounting Firms, to be the new chairman of the SEC/ Accounting "Oversight" Commission. If the Republicans wanted to take anybody out, this was THE guy.â€

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And I'm reading these lines:

"When Wellstone met Bush [sr] in a typical White House pro forma reception line [in 1991], he used the occasion to urge Bush on three different occasions to spend more time on issues like education and cautioning him against the Persian Gulf War. Of course, Bush was more concerned about fighting the war against Iraq (sound familiar?) and could care less about Wellstone's issues. After Wellstone violated Bush 41's sanctimonious White House protocol, Bush was overheard saying, 'Who is this chicken sh!t?'"

Once again, the irony of Wellstone's death in a plane crash seemed to be accepted by too many media as bad luck -- a twist of fate. Just one more coincidence....

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