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Question about/for Bernie


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Bernie--Are you an "Apollo Fan"? Stumbled across a nice space webpage tonight and lo and behold, the creater is "Bernie Hogya". Nice page! (I have a relative who helped design the guidance system for the Mars Lunar Rover and the Titan Missile and my brother has done some work for the space shuttle)


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Like a lot of other kids growing up in the Space Age I wanted to be an astronaut (that was before wanting to be a comic book artist, archaeologist and musician ñ whoa, what was I thinking?!?). Anyway, I lived vicariously through those guys who walked on the moon every few months from 1969 to 1972. My dad worked on some projects for the space program, too. That's what first got me interested in the subject.

Sounds like you have some relatives with some cool jobs, too!


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Bernie, I was a fanatic for Space and Astronauts

also, I had my very own telescope, 10 years ago or more, I entered a contest, The Canada Arm, name for the Robotics arm.

Now, I am a sci-fi fan of movies and more, Including, 'Land Of The Giants" tv series, the original, Star Trek", Lost In Space" have you ever seen the cartoon, The Raspberries In Razzle Dazzle Land" ? Lol

Thank you for choseing the song, "Everything " for the opening of Eric's Birthday, ok

I like that song.

Let us know when Eric reads his Birthday greetings from us , ok

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Like a lot of other kids growing up in the Space Age I wanted to be an astronaut

Bernie, I grew up in Florida and could see many of the lauches going up from across the state. I also had dreams of becoming an astronaut, but by the time I was 11 I was already too tall (according to the standards at the time). Now look what became of me!
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Please share the URL of the website so we can all see it?

Gee, Bernie, *one more* thing we have in common... Eric, Angel, our love of all things Egyptian, and now this! The only college course I ever took was astronomy, and I took it at age 24, when my son was 4 years old just because I loved the subject, and my son and I used to go outside at night with a telescope and stargaze spin

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Funny that you mention space and aeronautics....I really used to be into it heavily when I was in the tail end of elementary school. But then things went really sour for me.......when everyone was getting into sports and other things I kind of drifted away from my friends.

At that point, I was was getting picked on by school punks, not to mention the fact I didn't really want to be a brain-child anymore.

But it was rock and roll that kept me from going into total meltdown. Thank God for that.....so never underestimate the positive power of music.

Still, it took me years to going back to reading an astronomy book or watching anything to do with space exploration.

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