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super bowl

chris hess

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As another Bears fan here, while I was happy to see the Patriots finally lose (and, had they lost in the regular season, I suspect they would have re-grouped and wound up kicking everyones' asses in the playoffs.....instead of coming out so tight for this game last night, and appearing to play not to lose...as opposed to playing to win), I offer kudos to Coughlan for allowing his defense to play the exact style of game they needed in order to win.

Had Lovie Smith permitted his defense last year to just tee off on Peyton Manning, instead of laying back and giving him the short pass all afternoon, there may have been a different result that game too!

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Oh, the Clevelanders sure noticed it! I could have won the money for the "squares" game had the Giants not scored the final TD but I didn't care. Belichick deserves his "Instant Karma". It's easy being a genial winner but we saw the poor loser side of Belichick that the Clevelanders know all too well! Congrats to the Giants. They didn't quite get the idea that they were supposed to roll over and play dead for the "unstoppable" Patriots.

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