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super bowl

chris hess

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That guy on Fox Sports Radio that has been calling him Eli (The Punk) Manning for 3 years now pledged to stop forever if the Giants won the SB.

I guess he has to stop now...

Wow, the Giants defense was awesome!

And Brady shouldn't have gotten laid last night...

Damn women always have to prove they're more important at the wrong times.

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Well, I'm in New England amidst sports fans who have been gettin' a little too big for their britches, so to speak.

As a Yankee fan living on "foreign" turf, I've been catching a lot of flack from Red Sox fans since, oh, 2000. Patriots fans don't hate the Packers the same way Sox fans hate Yankees, but... they definitely give you an air of superiority. There's been no doubt in the minds of fans, media, and my friends up here that the Patriots would win it all.

To that end, it was a thrill to see the underdog win, especially the way the Giants did it. I couldn't stay POed at 'em for beating my Packers anymore. Eli made those great escapes, and the defense kept Brady on his back, and they just flat-out beat up on New England.... It was like David beating Goliath... an awesome Super Bowl to watch.

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