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Austinberries - BBQ in Austin?


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Austinberries - Now that we've all discussed burgers.......

The last (and only) time I was in Austin (4 days in March 2004, the week of SXSW), I only managed to eat barbeque/BBQ (and yes, I know, there are rules in Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina and other places regarding what you call it!) once....at the Ruby's that's a short walk from Antone's record store on Guadalupe. I loved it!!!!...

What are some of the other great barbeque restaurants there? Are there any that are better than Ruby's.....I know this is strictly a matter of opinion, but you obviously have great taste in burgers, so.......Thanks!

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you ate at my personal favorite - Ruby's, so be sure & head back by there if u r at Antones Records again! otherwise, 2 must-hits would be Artz on south Lamar (hint: try the beef ribs &/or the country pork chops - both rarities @ bbq joints, but an oasis for the serious carnivore). also, you prob know about Stubbs for live music, but of course they have great bbq & is how they started out. another legendary place is Sam's a few blocks east of I35 on E 12th

& then there's the Iron Works downtown right next to the convention center, & the Green Mesquite on Barton Springs road (may catch some live bluegrass, etc there too); these two are great for atmosphere as well. there's also a chain called Rudy's (not to be confused w/ Ruby's) that is very popular for good reason: damn good 'cue.

the most popular places number-wise in Austin are the County Line & the Salt Lick, but honestly, tho' decent & in great surroundings, they are for tourists & newbies & transplants, & most locals will go w/ the ones i mention above

now you are all set! & yes, BIG difference b/t Texas & southern bbq - when i ate it over in Alabama it was the biggest culinary disappointment ever, i guess b/c i'm spoiled on TX 'cue

btw, if you are around long enough, & really want to get serious about it, there is a whole slew of legendary bbq joints in the small towns surrounding Austin. but that's another story...

johno, i'll send u my # by email in case u want to hook up while u r here, may be my good excuse to get out for some seared flesh..

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hollies - btw, texas *is* all about the brisket, but you will also always find pork ribs, sausage, & chicken too. & if u r really lucky, as i mentioned above, beef ribs (ala the flintstones' size) & i only know 3 places (1 in town, 2 outside of town) that do the country-style pork chops - these things are insane: imagine a salt & season-rubbed, flame-licked pork chop that is an inch & a half+ thick, gnawable right down to the bone

ahh, it's good to still have a little caveman in us... (& i was even pretty much vegetarian for a couple years!)

i totally did not get the whole southern pulled-pork thing w/ the vinegary 'sauce' - stuff can't even touch the Texas 'cue. disclaimer: some TX Q-joints do use a runnier, vinegary sauce like the deep south, but it has more body & flavor to it. but most use the the messy, tomato-thickened stuff

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My Austin trip is less than a week away! I can almost taste the burgers, barbecue & Mexican food!

Austinberries - Just perused Artz' menu on-line, and there is no sign of country pork chops...are these a special there? (They have country pork ribs, in addition to regular pork ribs, but it's not the same....) If so, do they usually have them?

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