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"Who Watches The WATCHMEN?"

Paulie Mississippi

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Well... I did, for one... laugh

Just saw Watchmen today and really thought it was ok... not a classic by any stretch but certainly not a dismal disappointment either... probably give it 3 1/2 of 5 stars...

The premise, for those who are not familiar with the original "graphic novel"/series from DC Comics' team of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons back in the '80's... Watchmen is set on an "alternate reality" earth in the year 1985... Richard Nixon is still president, masked vigilantes have been fighting crime for years... but until the "birth" of Dr. Manhattan, none had any "super powers"... and Dr. Manhattan's are such that he is virtually a god...

Nixon has basically outlawed the masked vigilantes... only two who are acknowledged, Dr. Manhattan being one, are allowed to be active and work for the United States... but now, after many years... it seems that someone is tracking down the retired masked men (and women) and killing them...

The movie speaks volumes not only about the eighties... but the world today... and despite the "masked men" theme, it slips nicely into a pseudo-sci-fi/fantasy niche as well... IMHO of course...


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I saw Watchmen today. I thought it's probably the best adaptation of a comic/graphic novel to date. I thought it was good. I never thought the graphic novel was this great masterpiece like everyone else I knew did, I thought it was a good story and that's about it.

Anyway, I can't stand it when people take small children into the movies with them. There was a lady who had what must have been a one year old child with her. And a few rows in front of me were some kids about 4 or 5 years old. This is definitely not a movie for the wee ones.

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You are so right, CH... I can't imagine allowing any child under 15 or so in... even with an adult... And at the showing I was at, there were only a couple of minors, from what I could tell... laugh

The movie did decent at the box office for its opening weekend, and in fact is now in the top-10 (8) for all time openings for an R rated film... (they have a list for everything, don't they?) wink

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