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In case you want to visit my own BOARD

Carmen Smalley

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Just checked out Carmen's website. Very clever and funny stuff. Excellent reading.Check out the threads written by macarens. Pure genius! Lew Bundles has nothing on him. Hopefully Carmen can talk macarena into posting on this site. The videos of early Eric Carmen and Raspberries are priceless. Can anyone tell me where these concerts were filmed. They're fantastic!!

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Originally posted by Carmen Smalley:

Originally posted by Tony Cartmill:

Um...O'Reilly says it means a foolish, ignorant, or narrow-minded person...who just happens to speak more than one language?... :Pwink

I disagree with Bill,of course.I prefer to say "to have shit for brains".
inArgentina To have Shit for brains its said"ser un boludo".
Let´s say "retarded" is the medical way to say it,that O´Reilly´s way is the tongue in cheek way and mine (and the best) is the politically uncorrect way to say the same thing.Don´t be scared.
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