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Tonight, Huge Three Title Fight at The MGM , Vegas


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It will be on cable T.V., Pay-Per-View at 9 P.M. EST, and 6 P.M. PST, on HBO- www.HBO.com . Or go to a sports bar/restaurant for about $30.00 . Find full stories at www.FoxSports.com and click, 'More'. Or, go to www.BoxingScene.com to get headline stories on any boxer. Already there last thursday were a Who's Who of boxing: Promoter/boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosley, top boxing writers, an author, and commentators. One author historian picked some guy named Armstrong,(from the past), as the best fighter ever, with three titles, simultaneously. The main event features a battle royale with Barrera(Some say he's the best boxer in his class ever, or is it Morales?) vs. Juarez. Juarez says he'll knock-out Barrera in six rounds. Barrera said, on the radio, that Juarez is dreaming. The last fight, Juarez said he respected Barrera, and one commentator said Juarez, a straight-on fighter, kept Barrera back. By the seventh round, it was Juarez keeping Barrera off his game, even though Barrera won that one.

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