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BeatleJay's Beloved Mother Rae

Last Dance Lisa

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What Jeff said. You've been on my mind through all of this, Jay. I lost my mother more than 11 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. You're already on the big roller coaster ride, so just go with it - be good to yourself!! She's still with you...remember to be thankful for all that you have shared. Many hugs...many prayers....S*

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I want to thank all of you very much for your thoughts and prayers. I have alot of support at home, and it's nice to have here as well. You are good people.

My Mom was a very warm and giving person. Always putting others before herself. She worked as a home care giver into her 70's. After she could no longer do that, she would volunteer at the elementary school, teaching kids to read after school. Even when she was very sick at the end, she was concerned, and asking about other family members who were ill.

I am the baby of my family, I have never lived over five miles from my mom. We were very close. I thought that eventually she would move in with Lisa and I. We bought our house five years ago. My mom thought it was way too big for the two of us, which it is. I told her that when, or if she needed to, that we have a room for her now- she cried when I told her this. She knew how much we love her. I was actually really looking forward to that day. She was a joy to be around. I loved watching baseball with her. She loved the game, and passed that along to me. I would go to her place with my Beagle Lucy, and a pizza for Mariners games. She loved Ichiro... and Felix, and Raul too.

It always seemed like my friends, and my brother's friends would feel comfortable at my house while I was growing up. My mom was considered 'pretty cool', and would look out for anyone who was needing help. My friends miss her too.

She was a real kick too! Just a couple days before she passed on, she cracked a good one. She was in bad shape and on forced oxygen into her mouth at his point, and iv's all over the place. The respitory therapist came in to check on her. He mentioned that she was nocturnal. She struggles to say "Yeah, I'm an old bat." He said, "You're not that, but you're something else". I was glad I was there to catch that one, I had to laugh. The staff thought she was great.

I was crying when I was writing this, but it was the first time in several days. I can't help but smile when I think of her. I am very blessed. I'll continue to try to make her proud of me, like I am of her.

Thank you everybody, Jay

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She IS and always will be proud of you Jay. I am too. I believe that love endures and transcends the grave and is always with you. Rae's love will always be with you just as yours will always be with her--and she knew it and still does. You and Lisa have the best possible guardian angel now. Nothing bad can happen to anyone who has such a loving angel to guard them.

In time the memories of your love and the time you shared will overshadow the intense feelings of grief and you'll smile more as time goes on. You'll also always feel inexplicably "warm" whenever you think of your Mom. I still do and it will be seven years this month since I lost my Mom.

Take heart, because you're everything she always wanted you to be. She was a happy woman because her children made her happy--and that was worth way more than gold to her.

Healing will take time, and the deep hurt will never go away, but in time it will change, and she'll shine through you in your happiest moments--she'll be there--in your heart.

Love to both of you and your family,

smile --Darlene

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Jay, my friend, that was a beautiful bit of writing about your mom at a tough time. You have a wealth of great and fond memories of her, so hold on to them. I'm sorry I haven't been around here much lately, because I missed this thread and didn't get to offer my sincere condolences until now. But most of all I'm sorry you lost your mom. It sounds like she was a real gem, and clearly you were blessed to have such a great relationship with her. Hang in there, Jay and Lisa. Let's talk soon -- I wanna catch up.



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