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What's Your Favourite Sandwiche Filling?


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Ummmm...avocado....OK - avocado, basil, tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar.

I'm with you Muzza - a fresh homegrown beefsteak tomato on white with mayo, salt and pepper (sometimes cheese). I love the smell of a warm tomato fresh from the vine, not those watery, tasteless winter tomatoes.

HT - PB, bananas with honey drizzled on top....

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You can have the tomatoes, Jersey, but for sweet corn???! Iowa!!!

By-the-way, we'll be growing baby peas and sweet corn for Green Giant this growing season! I'm kind of excited! Most farmers in our area, grow corn and soybeans for ethanol and for stockfeed.


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Can't beat our sweet corn, neither.

Uh...Mrs. Cleaver..Have you tried Illinois sweet corn?....I didn't think so....Ours really kicks a_ _ ! So...try some! We have places in Illinois where you can stand and see nothing but corn in all four directions..... Yes that is big! I cannot say its better than Jersey corn since I have not tried it ....perhaps you can serve it at Weekend at Bernies 50 and we can determine which is better!


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