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This is an 'exception' to me being here...I do NOT do it for myself but for my sister whom many here are true friends with. It's just a basic post to state she went by ambulance again to the hospital this morning and sadly here 'counts' for those who know about her illness, were at the highest they have EVER been which was 7X the normal in my understanding. She is, extremely ill with this particular episode. I got the call to come over just about 5 a.m. and called the ambulance on her behalf(I have NEVER witnessed Valorie suffering so) frown She is now admitted to our local hospital, although she is still waiting for a room...in other words, she is suffering on a stretcher in the hallway due to our 'overcrowded/underfunded/mismanaged' healthcare system. I am taking care of her beloved lil dog during this time and at least I know she is now receiving all the proper medicines to help her. I sincerely 'hope' I do not 'offend' anyone with this my posting for this particular situation. And if, it is ok and I do not 'offend'/anger anyone with this thread...then I will continue to update it accordingly as long as my own health permits. For all of you who know and care about her(Sadiis) your thoughts and prayers would be of a great source of inspiration right now!

Thank-you and God Bless pray

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Oh wow, Vera. Not the kind of thing that any of us wanted to hear. frown Do keep us informed and give Valorie all the love she can take. We're rooting for her and, with a little help from above, hope that she will pull through this current episode.

Love to ya both.


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Quick update: Valorie has finally found a room of her own although it is on the 'surgical ward' at least it is a private room which will definately help in her recovery!!!

Now to all of you ultra-compassionate music lovers...you will probably not believe this(or if ya really know me you will) but you have me in tears over your many loving get-well wishes! YOU are the people here I knew would rally for Valorie!! Believe me, it means the world to her right now and to me too! Just know in my books, nice 'people' finish first...not last! You all deserve...hmmm...if I could make one wish for all of you kind hearted people come true...I would *wish* you all to attend a brand new "Rockin Raspberries" Concert soooooon!! Heck let me make it a "Private Concert" for just the nice folks here at EC.Com pray

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