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Well, like i said before, when we lost the last home game(game 5)"its over".Last night, there were some bad calls(Lofton WAS safe at second, and Joel Skinner holding him at third base in the seventh? we had a game, until the Boston Bats exploded.Our DH, Travis Hafner, must have gotten "an envelope" from someone, i mean 1 hit in 17 at bats? C'mon.

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Some people are a little too quick to kick the Raspberries' hometown when it's down, I think.

And I, for one, am sick of the "Manny being Manny" excuse. He's an ass. And the Red Sox and their fans have become as arrogant as the Yankees and theirs.

Would it hurt us to have something to cheer for after all these years? I guess so...whenever put to the test, Cleveland teams always, inevitably, choke.

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Aw come on Trindy....all of us Yankee fans aren't arrogant. I do believe it is the younger ones who haven't tasted dissapointment the way some of older ones have. They've been spoiled by Yankee success over the last 12 years...and your Cleveland Indians have nothing to be ashamed of. They are a damn good young team with some excellent players. After all, they did beat the Yanks. baby G

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