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What's for dinner tonight


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My girls love chik-fil-a or is it chick-filet...as far as fast food is concerned.

Me...I'll actually wait to get home open a bag of diced chicken breast and a bag of salad..add the two...shake a bit (I even shake the salad ha ha)....and I'm set. Dinner in 2 minutes!

I'm good for that twice weekly after late workouts.


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Chris--when I have to do fast food, I try to do Subway. I can get something satisfying and stay on my diet! I love their low fat sandwiches. I stick to their whole wheat bread and no cheese. Load up on veggies on it. I don't get any sauces, but I know they have some no-fat or lowfat options. Yummy.

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Hey Bessie.... I took the Snickerdoodles to Home Group on Thursday cos one of the people who attends has lived in America in the past. I just put them on the table without saying what they were or where they'd come from. She had one and straight away said.... "Yumm, Snickerdoodles", so I musta got them right. BTW everyone else loved them also!!!

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Cool Kiwi! It's a standard, a no big deal cookie but they always disappear.

What kind of typical NZ cookie do you serve ?

Tonight for dinner...

Chicken cesar salad with avocados,

My parent's trees are loaded so we are having avocados everywhere I can sneak them in.

If they want dessert I made rice krispy treats.

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