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Paul Sidoti Television appearances

Danny S.

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Hey all, thanks for the well wishes. Things are going great. We just finished rehearsals and they went very well. It's going to be a very busy and exciting year for me.

I'll give you a quick story on how I ended up with Taylor. A very good friend of mine who has actually done dates with us in Tequila Sunrise (Colin Whinnery, originally from Willoughby/Mentor, OH) referred me for the gig. We have been terrific friends for the last three years and he had also recommended me to play bass for Bryan White which I did in 2007 around Raspberries dates.

He mentioned my name to the band leader who I had actually jammed with on NYE of last year when he filled in for the drummer in Colin's cover band here in Nashville. I had gone up and jammed 'Sweet Child 'O Mine' and sang it (wearing my red bandana, evidently). When I spoke to him on the phone this past Sept. he asked if I had a myspace page. I sent him the link and he called me and said, "Dude, I recognize you with the red bandana. We jammed together!" I said, "Really?" He goes, "Yeah, NYE didn't you come up and sing Guns and Roses?" I said, "Yeah" and that was one of many funny stories leading up to getting the job.

It was quite the challenge finding a time to audition around Taylor's busy schedule. It ended up being the Monday before our State Theatre show and I quickly realized that I had NO equipment in Nashville. No amps, no pedal board, and most importantly no guitars! Everything was in Cleveland because I had played HOB with Tequila Sunrise and stayed up there for Raspberries rehearsals.

So, I flew back to Nashville with my only guitar I could take on the plane which was my Taylor acoustic. They told me they had a Fender Twin at SIR so the amp situation was covered. When I looked in my closet the ONLY guitar I had in there was a custom built 5150 Eddie Van Halen guitar that I painted to replicate the guitar he used in the mid 80's on the 1984 and 5150 tours. For guitar players out there, if you were to see it, you'd think it was the real thing right down to the space tape, Floyd Rose tremolo and Kramer logo on the headstock and of course the red and white stripes in all the right places.

I had met the guys in the band in September at a Brad Paisley concert and they were all very cool and huge Van Halen fans. So I showed up to the audition with just that guitar and a Tube Screamer distortion pedal, the only real stomp box I had. As soon as I arrived I told everyone, I swear to all of you this is the only guitar I had in my closet because all my gear is in Cleveland. When they saw it, they all flipped out, especially the other guitar player who is an Eddie Van Halen freak. He idolized him so he really dug it.

After we ran through the first song, I smell an odor of smoke. It was the Twin, it had blown up and we all had a laugh because we figured the amp couldn't handle the guitar.. hehee.. That in a nutshell was how I got the gig.

I'd like to say thanks to all of you for the great support and kind words and especially to Eric, Wally, Dave, Jim, Billy, Jennifer, Ernie, Adrienne, Kirk, Al, Denise, Barb, Rusty, and Dugie for making me feel part of a great family. It was such a bittersweet day when I got the news because unfortunately my schedule now doesn't allow for any other projects as her schedule can change on a moments' notice.

I hope to someday share a stage with Raspberries again. But until then, I will hold all those incredible memories of joy, laughter, friends, and tremendous music close to my heart. I can't think of a better way to go out than the State Theatre show. To me, it was the Carnegie Hall of the 21st century. It was absolutely flawless and magical.

I love you all and be safe... You'll be with me in spirit next week on The Tonight Show and Ellen Degeneres. If I could, I'd put a big Raspberries scratch and sniff sticker on the front of my guitar! ; )

Take care and much love,


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Congratulations, Paul! What a spectacular opportunity! Enjoy every nanosecond of it--I know you will! You truly deserve this break and we'll be watching on TV and coming to a future show. I love Taylor AND Rascal Flatts.

Have a ball! You're gonna look terrific on that stage with Taylor in your lucky red bandana!

smile -- Love, heartpump Darlene

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