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I disagree with you,Tony,althogh is good you like The Left Banke

Carmen Smalley

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Carmen, John Kerry is a nice guy. But his politics, like those of his good buddy Ted Kennedy, are part of the problem with this country, not the solution. A prime example of these two career politicians is their pushing through the "Big Dig" in congress. Something like 2.5 billion tax dollars funded for a roadway through New England. After all the poor planning, lies, corruption, bribes, cost overruns, with no audits or accountability for where the money is going, The cost is now 15 billion and counting! Not a peep from the two guys (Kerry/Kennedy) that got us all to pay for it. No apology? no serious investigation? No explanation? Haven't heard any. Nobody seems to care about wasting millions and billions of tax dollars. Now Kerry wants to bring that kind of "leadership" to the White House. Liberal politicians just want more of our paycheck for the next wasteful program they promised the people to get elected. And now Bush is acting more and more like the people he is running against. Pretty soon Iraqi citizens will have better free healthcare than my paid-for plan here in America. mad Great!?!

But guys like Kerry, Kennedy, and Michael Moore still think this country is not doing enough, and we need more taxes to socialize the people and punish the rich for being creative and successful.

That's not what this country is supposed to be all about...

Solution: Bill O'Reilly for President!

Discipline, Accountabilty, Decisiveness, and Security. He could save this slowly rotting country if given the chance.

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This is why we don't talk politics here on the board...Because we all don't disagree, and in America these days it is getting to be a bad thing to be anywhere left of the right wing. mad And I would not want Bill O'Reilly for president-I personally find him rude and obnoxious. However, I think we should agree to disagree. laugh

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Tony, Herman and I were expressing your very views to each other last night! It's a good thing we DON'T talk politics (or religion) on the board, though! Too volatile! (Sometimes differences of opinions on MUSIC are volatile enough here!) However, since Carmen did ask you your views on Kerry, it's natural to reply. I think it's very interesting that you and I see things the same way. Hmmm...

That being said, we're ALL Americans, and everyone's opinion is as valid as any others. And they are only that--OPINIONS! We all have only one vote each, and no ONE of us can dictate how the country goes. It must be interesting for someone from another country to hear American views from any American, though. Carmen, *I* happen to think Bill O'Reilly is CUTE! I always did. We watched him when he was virtually unknown.

Maybe it's the schoolteacher thing, I don't know, but there's a hot little twinkle in those eyes of his...

smile --Darlene

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