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Who's the oldest and the youngest?

Carmen Smalley

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I'm 40 now, but have been enjoying Eric music since his release of All By Myself. I really went off the deep end in 1980 when I purchased the Best Of The Raspberries and finally realized that Eric was in that group. That's when my quest started to collect everything I could by Eric. The Starting Over album eluded me for quite a long time. When I finally did find it, it was still shrink wrapped.

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Darlene I think that it's totally 'normal' to see the fans of an artist being younger than or around the age of the artist. Today there are bunch of artists that I listen to that I am older than, but in the 1970's when I was a teenager, everyone that I listened to was naturally older than me.

So when a fan like yourself pops up, who is actually older than the artist, now that's an interesting story! This means that during the 'berries' heyday, you were not one of those screaming teenage girls (according to "Hit Parader" and "Circus" magazines), but you were actually one of the more mature fans who appreciated the band for more than their appearances.


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Marv, I was 24 when I first heard the Berries on the radio. The music just knocked my socks off! I didn't care WHAT they looked like--I just couldn't believe anyone in rock could be so talented--I was very very narrowly into classical music, and the classical influence came through so strongly I was bowled over! Still am...

smile --Darlene

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I just turned 51 so I will keep Darlene company in the over 50 group, early teens lived in Mentor OH and heard alot of the Choir, Cyrus, ......

Wally Bryson often whistled at my girlfiend as I was walking with her home from jr high as he droveby in his Corvair, now that i think about it why was he always doing driving by that time of day...

still feel young and restless,

i think...

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