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"No taxation......


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But the Libs think it's OK to tax your money you earn, when you earn it (Federal, State, Local) and then when you die, They can take half of the same money again!

...Because every federal employee and lawmaker deserves to get automatic cost of living raises, annual raises, pension raises, IRA match raises, continuing education raises, expense allowance raises, regardless of their job performance or the current federal budget crisis situation or economy... "Let somebody else bite the bullet, 'cause we have voted and our union has negotiated automatic raises. Yes!"

However, Since Bush is giving all the rest of our money to the chaotic and corrupt Iraq war effort, This so called neo-con is no better for this country's internal problems than the other side right now...

If the dumb voters in 2000 just would have elected McCain instead of Bush in the repub primary. Think of the differences in world PR and organization we could have had... crying

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Tony, if you're not going to take my advice and become a professional Humorist, it's time you got into politics and wipe out the crying

As long as you're nice to Hillary and Maureen Dowd, I'll vote for you!...and might even send a contribution or two.

In all seriousness, you'd do a real good job.

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P.S. When you make it to President, the only patronage I require for my contributions:

1. Appoint The Darlene-lama (that's Darlene to you non-Darlenists) as Spiritual Advisor....we need more beautiful hearts like hers in and around positions of power.

2. Hire Bernie as your campaign manager (when you decide to run). If he believes in you, there's no one who will work harder, or with more skill, to get you sold and elected.

3. I want Jennifer as your speech writer.

4. Carmen and Bealtlebum as your permanant hecklers.

5. As your security contingent....(this one is easy)....appoint "Bundlemania".

6. Make sure Dougjack gets into a leadership

position of the "loyal opposition" as he is a decent, reasonable smart guy who will work with you for the good of the nation.

7. When speaking to a music lovers convention (or whatever)...bring Pierson along..there's nobody who knows music like Pierson.

8. Make sure you have Ted's (Mannoman) phone # in your rolodex as there will be times you'll want to call him for some good straight forward wisdom.

9. And lastly, come to the EC.Com board regularly for advice from all the members...as the members here are good hearted, smart and will have your best interest at heart.

Peace Out


aka Ohio State Buckeye

aka Guy who has never posted with intended animous

aka Guy who wishes all you board members the best


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The Libs would have kept taxing and spending us into bankruptcy after the tech and dot com bubble bursts at the end of the Slick Willie decade. King George spent all the money quicker with his noble, but mismanaged nation-building war in Iraq. It cost more lives now than the Lib policies would have, But soft and politically correct Lib policies cost us 3000 American lives on 9/11. So Bush was in a tough spot and he took action...without enough planning.

If you think that big government solves everything, and it is a fact that big government WASTES half the money it takes in compared to the private sector, then how do you keep a balanced budget and run things efficiently? You can't! So you raise taxes, blame the rich, blame "evil" job creating corporations, and promise poor people more government handouts if you vote for them.

That's what the Libs and government unions are trying to do in California by smearing "Governor Ahhhnold" in a multi-million dollar TV ad campaign. Just because Swartzenegger wants to let the people vote on some propositions that might cut out some of the power and influence of the status-quo bankrupt California government institutions, they go after him like he is evil and uncaring for trying to FIX our corrupt state government. It is shameful. But the ads are slick. They run every half hour, costing millions from Democrates and government employee union due's dollars, and the stupid Californians among us are believing them. The Governator's poll numbers are down...

That's what you get when you try to change a gravy-train Lib-majority overspending government into an accountable efficient one. "Gee, Ex-Gov. Gray Davis used to give us everything we wanted. Who does this actor chump think he's dealing with?..."

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I never gave "Dubya, or his group of cronies a pass. He did little about the warnings for 9 months. But Clinton and crew were afraid to go after Bin Laden for 5 years, because they didn't want anybody in the Middle East or Europe to get mad at Bill. And Janet Reno and her crew embraced the wall of information rule that military intelligence reports should not influence domestic investigations on potential terrorists living in America. Billions of dollars spent each year on the CIA, FBI and Military Intelligence agencies and nobody was sharing the important warning sign information domestically, because we didn't want to profile or offend our foreign friends with legal visas from the Middle East. When you have murderous attacks by a group on 6 US targets in 7 years (1993-2000), you need to go after and take out a few dirtbags. Clinton focused on Bosnia and Monica instead. I saw all 4 hours of the NG 9/11 documentary. The US military and Northern Alliance in Afganistan had Bin Laden pinpointed in a camp twice ready to take him out. But Clinton said no both times because there were a few children and an Arab prince visiting Osama at the camp. So the kids got to grow up and join Al Quaeda, and the prince got to send more money to the jihad cause...2 years later, 3000 Americans dead...priceless

So Greg, Both Administrations blew it!

But the media is treating one guy with fondness and forgiveness.

While the other guy, who is trying to fight the jihad devil and keep him on the run, is being called a war-monger, idiot, and a murderer.

I think while the war in Iraq is still going on, we should root for America...and IDENTIFY the person who would walk into a crowded civilian or police area, look you in the eye, smile, then blow himself, you, and everyone around you into little pieces of charred flesh...AS THE BAD GUY! angry

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tony, i do root for america and i think the american people are intelligent enough to identify

who the bad guys are.

unfortunately, we also have to watch our "puppet" leader as well.

ok, you want to share the blame for 9/11 with the clinton administration? fair enough, but do yourself a favor and read richard clarkes testimony to the 9/11 committee.

bush had 9 months to react!

please dont try to say that w is being treated unfairly by the press. he has lied to the people, the press, and congress, he has put a wall around himself like no other president in history.(no other president had to for that matter!)

war monger? have you read the "downing street memos? by his own addmission he is "a war president...wakes up with war on my mind"!!!

idiot? could'nt even run a successfull business, given his ivy league schooling and fathers connections. how bright can he be?

as far as finding the jihad devil you speak of, why did he give a 2 month head start?

bush is getting what he gives, he is motivated by greed pure and simple. his dads connections to the saudi's are well documented, along w/cheney( haliburton...record profits in may of 05! who says war is'nt good for business), baker(defended the saudis vs the 9/11 families) and that entire group from hell..........

tony, you and i have seen eye to eye on just about everything we've discussed on this site, but unless things change drasticly over the next 3 years, george is going down as the worst president (full term ) in the history of our country. he's earned every bit of grieve he gets!

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You could be right Greg. But if you are, the next 3 years will be bad for America. And even Hillary won't be able to spin us back into a positive light. Maybe Bill Clinton for Secratary of State?

By the way, The press has helped create the secret closed-in Bush Administration. Every major network (except Fox) and newspaper (except The Wall Street Journal) can't wait for King George to admit any mistake or get a story that makes him look bad. George is an idiot for not standing up to his critics with logical rebuttals like say, Bill O'Reilly can do 5 nights a week. George doesn't seem to have it in him. But if he officially admits any real mistake, It would be front page on the NY Times and top story on CBS for a month.

I do believe in a pro-active, "get them before they get us again" approach to the Muslim jihadists. But we need better Intelligence, better PR with an eloquent speaker, and less cronyism than we are getting now. Rumsfield should have fired months ago.

And I don't want Hillary's domestic socialism plan in 2008! Except maybe healthcare...

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Richard Clarke was a smart guy, but his book and testimony refused to put hardly any blame on the Clinton administration, and as much as he could on Bush. That makes him a political hack for the Dems.

Time Machine...2000...John McCain...wins Repub nomination!!!...Tells Gore where to shove his "Lock Box" during the debate...'cause John was in a real Lock Box in 'Nam!...President McCain...

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Damned if we do (Bush) - Damned if we don't (Bush Sr, Clinton, Dubya). I wonder how Ronnie would have handled this?

You could ne right Tony, McCain might be the answer but Dubya has alienated a lot of folks, particularly moderate Republicans that might easily go the 'other' way in the next election.

It's all about the moderates. The hardliners from either side will ALWAYS vote the party line, regardless if the party line is right or wrong.

From my perspective it is unlikely the moderate dems wil slide to the right but I'll bet more moderate Reps will slide left thanks to Dubya. It's not so much what he says, it's the way he says it. He thinks he is being sincere but comes off as arrogant and definitely not as articulate as Bill C.

The terrorism will not be stopped by us. As long as we are perceived as the enemy, hating the U.S. is the fuel for the engine. They have an endless supply of fuel at the moment.

The changes must come from within and I am not tallking about us, I am talking about 'them' (whoever 'them' is -it's hard to tell these days).


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ted, well said.

imo, w cant think on his feet, and when he adlibs he resorts to this "macho" nonsense that feeds the "hate america" mindset.

(tony, this is why the man does'nt defend himself...he cant think on his own)

plus, from a lifetime of being spoiled, and having everything handed to him by sr w he has no idea how to relate to "us.

his dad was the same way...

its that elitist attitude (we are smart, and can get away with anything) that has no place in the whitehouse.

tony, start getting used to the idea of a female prez....i dont think it is to far off & lets face it..we've got nowhere to go but up!

thanks for the chat guys, its nice to know that we can take on tough subjects w/o any hurt feelings......looking forward to the next one...

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Greg if you hold that view, Then Clinton must have been an elitist as well (selling pardons for contributions, selling tech secrets to China for contributions, stealing art and furniture from the White House, Monica...)

I welcome a Female president that's qualified. I'm just afraid of Hillary's "Say anything to get elected, even if your record shows otherwise." She wants bigger government, more social programs with little accountability, more taxes, income redistribution... That won't solve our problems. She and Bill used to frown on the military mindset in the 90's. But we need that option now more than ever. If we have another 9/11 with a bio-attck or radiation dirty bomb, A Hiroshima-type response on the proper target must be an option. Most of us forget that the A-bomb dropped on Japan SAVED hundreds of thousands of American lives. The brainwashed Japanese military were going to fight to the death on every little island and battle in the Pacific. (Remember the kamakazi pilots?) A conventional invasion of Japan would have been the bloodiest ever for America.

The Muslim jihadists of today are the kamakazi pilots of 1945, only worse. Jihadists want to die with honor and take as many CIVILIANS with them as well, not just enemy soldiers.

Can Hillary deal with that?

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"we need that option (dropping nukes) now more than ever." Really? Why? What makes nukes more necessary now?

Nukes cannot EVER be the answer, Tony. After 9/11, who would we have nuked anyway? There was no country directly sponsoring those terrorists, and if there was it was Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. (And if you think W and his henchmen were ever going to seriously take on their Saudi buddies, you're dreaming.)

How can killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian children, women, the aged, etc. ever be acceptable? Who are we if allow such a thing? How are we any better than the terrorists?

With regards to Japan, for every "expert" who claims we saved lives with the nukes (a dubious prospect on the face of it), there are plenty who say that Japan was already trying to surrender, because of the Soviets entering the war against them (who they feared far more than the US). And that our dropping the bomb when we did was as much about scaring the USSR as it was about winning the war against Japan. Here's a couple of relevant links:



Nuking the Middle East is not the answer. That's crazy talk.


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Sorry Doug, Maybe not nukes, but a barrage of percision target bombs to level a strategic city....

When the murderers pose as civilians, come out and strike a deadly blow against you, then blend back into that society, and the civilians help hide them...Tell me how are you going to defeat them without getting some of their people's blood on your hands?

As for Japan...Do you really think the USSR, after losing hundreds of thousands of their people fighting off Hitler, were ready to turn around and lose thousands more invading Japan.

Why are you still willing to lose a bunch of our guys because our super weapon was not politically correct or fair. The Japanese military was fanatical. They believed their little emperor was a GOD. They had convinced their young teenage kids to fly suicide missions with their planes into our ships (sound familiar?), rather than negotiate a truce. And we had to drop not one, but 2 bombs on them to sober them up. If Japan would have had the A-bomb instead of us, do you think they would have hesitated to use it on us...

I do wish also, that we, as humans, could start thinking above and beyond the concept of war and killing each other off...But it ain't happenin' right now.

The problem with Lovable Libs like you is, they can't seem to accept the reality concept that throughout history, sometimes PURE EVIL rises up and tries to defeat you. The end justifies evil's means. You either have to kill it, or it kills you. This is one of those times. Radical Islamic Jihad is evil...

"Bumbling Bush" aside, If the rest of the SANE world gets with the program and screams out their opposition to this evil, Armageddon can be put off again for a few years...

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