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Rocky and Bullwinkle was one of my favorite shows back in grammar school.I recently picked up the first three seasons on dvd on ebay.For some reason,they never released anything after the third season.Mr.Peabody was a riot!

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"Hello there...Peabody here". I still say that line from time to time.

Loved Mr. Peabody.

As far as Rocky & Bullwinkle...one of the funniest radio bits I've EVER heard was about 15 years ago when Howard Stern had the lady that did the voice of Rocky. He had her saying the most "Un-Rocky" things imaginable.


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If your sense of humor is still wrapped with tendrils of Moose and Squirrel ill-logic, don't pass up, "The Moose That Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel and a Talking Moose. Keith Scott (no relation) does a masterful, if sometimes wordy, job of recounting what happens when two slightly crazed animators come up with a cartoon show that worked as well, if not better, for adults than it did for kids. Get the reel story on Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, George of the Jungle, and all the rest of the insanity that has kept these cartoons popular for over forty years. You von't be dissapointed, dollink. haha

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