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Beloit, WI woman finds Mexican hummmingbird in her yard


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Joan Salzberg of Beloit, WI last year had a visitor (green breasted mango) that was way off course. She had 689 visitors to see it at her home. This is a really cool story as the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago came and gave it a new home.


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I believe the green-breasted mango came north for a better life for it's family. You realize of course that indigenous-American hummingbirds just don't eat the type of food that other hummingbirds are willing to eat. The ecosystem would crash without them.

With both presidential candidates opting for some sort of amnesty......this bird will be able to vote in the 2010 mid-term elections.

I am so sorry....I just couldn't resist. laugheekwink


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We've seen hummingbirds in our garden as far north as Southern Ontario, drinking the nectar from petunias. It was fascinating!

They love to travel. They look like hovercrafts over the gardens as they look over the plants. Yeah, GMan, even the purple petunias! HEH!

And our gardening gurus give out that recipe, too!

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I don't have much sun so I don't have blooming flowers to attract the hummers. I haven't had bee problems with the feeders. But boy, are the hummers territorial!! They fight if you only have one feeder. They also come right up to you if you wear a brightly colored shirt - i thought it was a bug at first.

for some reason, the mountain laurel bushes are blooming so beautifully this year and they provide a nice backdrop for the goldfinches!!!

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The hummers are a little late getting here this spring. We had lots of them pass through on their way north, but our "locals" haven't settled in yet.

Last year I was able to watch a nearby nest and see two little (and I DO mean LITTLE) hummingbirds grow up and fly away..so sweet ! happy

So what's the secret sugar water recipe ? I've always been told just to mix a 1:4 ratio. (one part sugar to four parts of water). I'm pretty sure that's just the regular mix, so if ya know a secret..please share. I wanna make the little guys happy !


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